Wordle #19 – The Day After


Today’s wordle effort is an attempt to carry on the story from yesterday’s Prompt #65 –Advice. If you wish to read it and catch up here is the link:



When Phillis awoke the next morning her thoughts were not on Jake but rather her date for that evening. As she readied for work she thought but the upcoming night and that was enough to take her mind far from the previous evenings events.

It was when she arrived at the office door that everything came flooding back to her. Jake’s entry into the Grotto, her falling asleep, the police, Jake’s return, his mention of her falling asleep, the odd rattling as she left.

Suddenly she felt on edge and wondered what the morning might bring. As always she was there before Jake, it was her time to boil the kettle, check through the mail and the office emails before indulging herself in the banter that went on between her and her prospective date for that evening.

Phillis thought of herself as a bit of a fashion queen and planned to wear her best cobalt blue chiffon that evening. She knew she would look stunning. But all thoughts of her night out were quickly forgotten when Jake arrived.

Phillis always considered Jake a pretty good sleuth. He was good at his job, thorough in his investigations. He had an excellent reputation in the private investigator business.

But this morning he was different. His normal dulcet tones were replaced with a snappiness she had not witnessed before, his usual sun tanned face was now vitellus in colour and to her untrained eye she would have said he looked somewhat sickly.

He came in and slammed his office door, there was no hello, just a grunt and a shrug as he disappeared into his office.

Again through the door she heard the rattling and wondered what it was that had happened to Jake in the Grotto the previous evening.

Her intercom buzzed and Jakes now raspy voice called for her to get him a black coffee and six iced vo vo’s*. That she thought was most unusual as Jake did not have a sweet tooth nor did he ever drink coffee, he was always a tea drinker, Dandelion tea, first thing to start his day.

His request necessitated a trip to the corner shop and on her return she found him hunched over her desk, he had surrounded himself with files, bits of paper were lying all about. Phillis could see a difficult day ahead; just tidying up after him would be a task in itself.

She quickly made him his coffee and laid out the biscuits on a plate and took them into his office. Jake by now had returned to his desk. He was sitting there clinging to a file staring straight ahead. He looked at the coffee and then at the biscuits, looked at Phillis who for a moment had the distinct feeling he was trying to decide whether or not to eat the biscuits or Phillis herself.

Feeling decidedly uneasy she backed out of the room thinking to herself that in the halcyon days of the company Jake would never have looked at her nor behaved in such a lascivious way.

What was it she wondered that possessed Jake to behave in such an uncharacteristic manner? There had been much work done over the years to knock down the fences that Phillis had around her from her past bad experiences in the workplace. Right now and at that moment she was considering erecting them again, just to feel safe.

The rattling inside his office was getting louder and culminated in a crash, the sound of glass smashing. She rushed into his office to see a window had been broken, but very little glass on the floor below it.

She ran to the window and peered down. There on the asphalt below lay the bleeding body of Jake. Phillis’ heart leapt into her mouth. Her hand reached for the phone but behind her came an intense rattling. Almost deafening in volume.

She turned, stepped back and caught her breath sharply.

In the corner of the room was the source of the rattling. The eyes that stared at her were Jake’s eyes.

But behind them was something else.


Written for: http://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2014/07/28/wordle-19/

 * The iced vo vo is a long time favourite Australian biscuit, known in some circles as a form of currency.

E.g.: that favour will cost you so many iced vo vo’s

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25 Responses to Wordle #19 – The Day After

  1. I am glad you decided to continue with this Michael. Wow what a dramatic ending! I am hooked!

  2. Oh this is continuing to impress me, especially the iced vo-Vo’s ..smiles.
    The rattling the who has taken over jakes body… Many ?’s I am sure you will be answering.

  3. RoSy says:

    Action packed!

  4. Bastet says:

    OMGosh! this is one scary story … gave me quite a chill. Now what sort of monster have you created Michael … you’ll need another tale to tell us all the rest!

  5. Oh my. More intense and frightening.

  6. kaykuala h says:

    Two wonderful aspects dealt most brilliantly here! A continuation and a narration in prose. Both are very refreshing. Great write Michael!


  7. JackieP says:

    Ohhh, I love a good mystery! So many questions! I do hope you continue Michael. Scary stuff.

  8. Lyn says:

    Oooh, this is getting good! It’s that bloody grotto, isn’t it Michael… Just as well Phyllis fell asleep when she did. Yes, I really do think you need to write some more 😀

  9. Lyn says:

    P/S have you noticed how much iced vo-vo’s have shrunk over the years?

  10. phylor says:

    I want/don’t want to know what was behind Jake’s eyes. But I’m sure you will, at some time, have a lot of scary stuff to write about.
    Great integration of the two prompts! Very well done!

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