Bastet’s Shadorma Photo Prompt # 2 – Grotto


A shadorma is composed of six non-rhyming lines (sestina or sextet) and the syllable pattern is 3-5-3-3-7-5.   


Ancient made grotto



Yellow flowers highlighted

A lasting landmark.



A past tribute



Moments now long forgotten

I pause to recall.

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25 Responses to Bastet’s Shadorma Photo Prompt # 2 – Grotto

  1. Wow Michael these are wonderful

  2. Wow! is right, Michael!! I am speechless.

  3. Bastet says:

    Wonderfully penned… No problem with not posting the photo, I read you had trouble downloading the photo and can’t imagine why, but you might just do a copy and paste in the future.

  4. I cannot see the photo and the first thing that sprung to mind, is your mums graveside, poignant Shadorma my friend.

  5. Peak, which I did, pretty photo.

  6. Great take on the prompt 🙂

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