Fairytale Prompt #2 – Stepmother


Father married,

The beautiful Lady Jane

Red hair flowing,

Teeth flashing

Crocodile smile.


A happy couple

Perfect match,

Celebrated widely

Children askance

New mother is evil.


A wolf in sheep’s clothing

Gentle but brutal

Father oblivious

Never to his face

Too much in love.


Father away

Stepmother rules

Beautiful woman

Becomes ugly mean crone

Children cringe

She cackles no mercy.


Children’s lives

Become drudgery

Work work work

No respite

Work all day or

Punishment met.


Children resist

Food withheld

Locked in rooms

Threats made

Shrink in fear.



Delights in hearing herself

Order, demand

Push and shove.

Strikes and belts

Urges children to leave.


She says you’re not wanted

You get in the way

Good for nothing

Too slow, too greedy

A waste of all space.


Children suffer, step mothers smiles

She’s proud of her plan

Soon children will leave

Run off, and hide

For then father will be hers.


In a rage she goes a step too far

Pushes youngest, hits her head

A stillness settles

Breaths are held.

Step mother panics.


She threatens the two,

Says sister tripped and fell,

Their lives will be hers

If they utter one word.

In her ultimatum, she feels safe.


The children escape during the night

They flee south their father in sight

On the road, they find him

Their story they tell

His anger a wild tempest blows.


He calls police, calls all help

Storms into his house

Drags the wife from her bed

Throws her to the floor

Stands over her, wanting her dead.


Stepmother is taken

Father gathers his two

Cries on learning of their cruel fate

Sobs at the loss of his baby child

Vows never to leave his children again.


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30 Responses to Fairytale Prompt #2 – Stepmother

  1. What a dark and harrowing tale you’ve woven Michael. Such a tragedy I was fixed to the screen

  2. I see bits of reality, bits of Cinderella, the eeriness of ‘a stillness settles’, wickedly evil and sad. Well done Michael.

  3. JackieP says:

    Now that’s one evil woman! But fairy tales are littered with evil women, aren’t they? Very well done Michael. Really dark.

  4. Ouch that’s really harrowing and sad

  5. Well done and sadly I could see some parallels to some children’s sad realities.

  6. Bastet says:

    Wow…you definately got the dark side as requested! Like how you used the poetic form to get the story across…sad about the youngest child though … well done.

  7. Oh my!! what an evil evil person she was alright…I felt so bad for the children. You write a convincing story, Michael!

  8. Anja says:

    Well you brought out an evil step-mother….very well done.

  9. RoSy says:

    Oh – that evil step-parent!!!
    I like the way you related the story in poetic form.

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