Poem112 – My World is Bright

Mikes view 10:3

My world is bright

A myriad of colour

Every shade and hue of green

Beyond my back door.

I contrast in my many blues

But I welcome the reds and the purples

The yellows and the splashes of white

I see within my garden.

A butterfly flutters past

Black and gold wings

Flocks of birds, the colours of nature

Some blending, some prominent

They chorus among the red bottlebrush

Fighting over the dark seed pods

Messing the floor below with

Droppings of their unique kind.

In the cool of the afternoon

We sit among this riot of colour

Your beige giving way

To the eclectic shades

Thrown before us.

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27 Responses to Poem112 – My World is Bright

  1. What a serene backyard view you have too. Beige hmm reminds me of a joke. Nice colour/nature observations.

  2. I can see your garden well sounds lovely x

  3. I love the first line and ‘droppings if their unique kind’ also made me smile. Just two days ago I was looking at a whole lot of purple bird droppings on cement, thinking how pretty they would be if they hadn’t come from an animal’s backside. Lovely poem!

  4. RoSy says:

    Looks like a nice place to chill & just absorb nature. 🙂

  5. Ah lovely green so serene…some day I shall see too. I the meantime your poem and view will give me hope. Lovely poem, Michael.

  6. This is lovely Michael joyous =)

  7. JackieP says:

    Beautiful view Michael. So serene, I can see why you call it your ‘ocean’ view. Lovely words to go with the picture. Makes one want to just sit and enjoy.

  8. colors come alive – a garden of words for spring

  9. You Painted a lovely world with your words.

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