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What do you See? March 12, 2019 – The Valiant Knight, The Sleeping Dragon.

Image: Alarie Tano There’s a knight at night upon a bridge Below sleeps the dreaded dragon. The knight is on a mission Being valiant is his goal To rescue some maiden To set the world aright. The dragon will prove … Continue reading

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Writing Prompt “Stories By 5” – Zerian and Zuri

Topic: Stranded by the side of the Road. Names: Zerian and Zuri Instrument: mandolin Scent: vanilla Verb: surrender Zerian and Zuri were feeling stranded as they stood by the side of the road. The lady with the vanilla scent had … Continue reading

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Tale Weaver – No 122 – 1/6/17 – The Doomsberry Park – Part 5

Image: © Mara Eastern (Used with Permission) Trica was never one for venturing down dirt tracks overgrown with vines and vegetation which did all it could to hinder your progress but she was focused on finding Maunchy Munchinson, and if … Continue reading

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Microfiction challenge #23: Dragons’ egg

The Dragons were held in high esteem in the town. It wasn’t every town that could boast fire breathing dragons. Peter and Eunice Dragon were also pillars of society. They worked tirelessly on every committee and promoted the town at … Continue reading

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Microfiction challenge #10: Far far away

Image to inspire a fairy tale by – Theodore Kittelsen   The boy had travelled far in his quest to reach the golden city. It was his third attempt. The previous attempts it had rained and made the creeks and … Continue reading

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Fairy Tale April 3rd 2015, Tree of Life – Drat

The town meeting came to an abrupt end. As the townsfolk filed out Drat wondered what it was he had just agreed to. Once agreement had been reached it was a full on exodus from the meeting hall less he … Continue reading

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Fairy Tale March 13th “superstition” – The Quest

Imagine that you are in the Middle East and you are haunted by some sorcerer … the only way to defeat that sorcerer is by wearing a Nazar, but you have to go on a quest to find that Mighty … Continue reading

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