Writing Prompt “Stories By 5” – Zerian and Zuri


Topic: Stranded by the side of the Road.

Names: Zerian and Zuri

Instrument: mandolin

Scent: vanilla

Verb: surrender

Zerian and Zuri were feeling stranded as they stood by the side of the road. The lady with the vanilla scent had promised them that paradise lay the other side of the giant looking glass.

Looking about it appeared to be the most desolate place they could have imagined. The only thing that altered that thought was the distant sounds of a mandolin being played they assumed by someone completely tone deaf.

The Vanilla lady had been overpowering as she wore the scent ferociously, knowing the aroma would seriously assault every possible scent duct on their bodies. But the sounds of the tortured mandolin laid waste that concern.

Zerian has always been a man of action. His woman the beautiful Zuri he had not long ago rescued from the clutches of the fiend like Zephyr whose notoriety of the maker of many an ill wind was well founded Zerian had discovered.

Zuri he could see was getting worried by their present situation.

Zerian was determined they would not surrender to anything less than the paradise they had been promised. After all, there was little point in perishing before they had the opportunity to consummate their new-found love.

Zerian led her east only to find the mandolin grew louder and so he turned west.

Here the road was bathed in honeysuckle and the way flat and even. He turned a corner and there before them was a gate.

On the gate was written: “Resist or surrender, the choice is yours”.

Zerian as I said being a man of action opened the gate and stepped through with the beautiful Zuri.

A small man holding a violin appeared and demanded to know their business. Zerian explained they were seeking paradise.

The small man looked at them both and stated his respect for their nerve to open the gate before stating any preference.

On his violin, he began playing Verdi’s Four Seasons.

Zerian and Zuri fell into a deep sleep.

They awoke to the aroma of brewing coffee and a land of riches.

Taking Zuri’s hand, Zerian walked her down the yellow brick track towards a small red house that had a sign on the front saying “Welcome to Paradise.”


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2017/08/13/writing-prompt-215-stories-by-5/

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16 Responses to Writing Prompt “Stories By 5” – Zerian and Zuri

  1. Wow Michael, you got them all I think! I’ve opted for a couple of similar choices to yours, but my story has nothing to do with the image really. Think I’ll go back in and add a bit.

  2. I love how you emphasized the terrible sound the mandolin was making that made me laugh and the overwhelming scent of vanilla lol This a very intriguing tale it reeled my right in!

  3. mandibelle16 says:

    Neat story. You do wonder if this lady can be trusted at first , especially with the haunting violin music. I hope in the end they what they found was truly heaven.

  4. Jael Sook says:

    Interesting prompt, and what a fabulous story you’ve crafted!

  5. afairymind says:

    I’m glad they found their paradise!. I love the detail of the dreadfully played mandolin, especially in contrast to the violinist playing Verdi’s Four Seasons at the end.

  6. Lorraine says:

    Hope we all gain entry to a little bit of paradise, even if our names don’t begin with Z, lol.

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