Music Prompt #9: “Liability” by Lorde #amwriting #music #musicchallenge


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It was the way she dressed

You could have guessed it was a cry

For help for attention, who knows

what went on in her mind.

The little girl in the loud clothes

Ever enthusiastic

A tad bombastic, it was said

Behind closed doors and sheltered mouths

She became a joke

The girl who made us laugh

But who had nothing to offer

Beyond the looks,

The right words as if rehearsed.

It all came undone

When she applied for membership

The human race, a worthy cause

Sought after, the who’s who of society.

Rejection came with a letter

The gold letterhead said it all

Human Race Entry


‘We found your application wanting in so many ways,

You lack substance, purpose

There are others way ahead of you

To put it frankly

We have grown bored with you.’

Stamped and dated,

That was the end,

She gave up, went home

Descended into herself

There at least she found acceptance.


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4 Responses to Music Prompt #9: “Liability” by Lorde #amwriting #music #musicchallenge

  1. Jael Sook says:

    Oh Wow…this was so personally relate-able… Well done.

  2. mandibelle16 says:

    Really great Michael. I love your take on “Liability” by Lorde. She’s not good enough for the girl she loves, for the human race b/c she’s cold, without “substance or purpose” as if she’s a shell not a real human. But at the same time those who reject her are not human b/c they de-humanize her and she’s left outside herself, alone. She’s the only person who accepts herself for her. That’s something at least!

    Thank you for participating 🙂

  3. mandibelle16 says:

    Oh PS, love the picture you chose it’s perfect for the song and your response 🙂

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