SoCS July 15/17 – ‘book title’


I have recently been reading: The Book of the Unnamed MidwifeMeg Elison

I don’t remember the names of the midwives who attended the birth of any of my children.

I remember the names of the Drs simply because they charged large amounts of money for the privilege of their attendance albeit for ten minutes in some cases.

What I do recall is how calm the midwives were when my wife was far from it. Several times she wanted to call the whole thing off, but of course, it was a bit late for all that. Eventually, I figured out how all this happening and so did the ‘manly’ thing in putting a stop to my ability to give the future midwives a job.

Did I feel guilty about this decision?


Economics has a lot of sway over choices you make in life and after I had fathered six mouths, each as hungry as the other, I came to the conclusion that my mental health as well as their’s needed to be protected.


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12 Responses to SoCS July 15/17 – ‘book title’

  1. Excellent piece, Michael.

  2. kaykuala h says:

    You’re right Michael. It’s a matter of economics on the numbers. But it is such a joy having them all and as many as can be afforded! And thanks to all the midwives and doctors!


  3. MC Clark says:

    Yeah, I would think 6 is enough. 😁

  4. A Writer's Beginning says:

    Nice use of the book title! A lovely piece of writing 🙂

  5. Sandi says:

    Ha Ha!

    call the whole thing off – oh, famous words.

    My labor pains, the contractions with my daughter were so closely together, I couldn’t say a word (any talk or grunt – used oxygen that I needed to breathe through next transaction – so I was silent) but my eyes were murderous. And he saw that.

    • Michael says:

      LOL….my ‘murderous look’ came from the birth of my second son when the Gyno and I spent time discussing the poetry of TS Eliot. My wife at the time desired to be the centre of my attention…..I was reminded from time to time over the years….thanks for stopping by.

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