Photo Challenge# 81, October 6, 2015 – Silence


Image: Mala Lesbia

The phone sits silent

As if it cares little how we feel.

He was supposed to be here

Within the hour,

Then two,

Now three.

No news tonight is not good news.

He was always reliable

Never late for anything

The most punctual and anal

About being on time.

He departed headed towards home

Sent a text at the halfway mark

Said all was going well.

Then nothing.

His phone is not responding

We are worried

Anxiety is building.

We are too concerned to say anything.

Earlier there were light-hearted jibes

The old jokes about his adherence to time

That he was forever texting.

The silence is killing us

Mum is looking more and more frantic

Dad sits staring ahead

The news reports a major accident on the freeway

The one he is on.

His girlfriend has arrived

She cries on mum’s shoulder

Wants to know, wants to know now!

Four hours and nothing.

I have this sense of dread

The phone will ring

It wont be what we want to hear

What do we do then?

Five hours my mobile rings

It’s him

No coverage, he was first at the scene

He’s been helping

He sounds exhausted

He sounds like a voice from heaven.

All around there are looks of relief.

His girlfriend cries more

Now with relief.

Dad finally breaks his stoic stand,

Wipes his eyes

Says anyone for a beer?

Mum sits with the girlfriend

And me?

I’m grateful

His voice shattered the silence.

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11 Responses to Photo Challenge# 81, October 6, 2015 – Silence

  1. Great tension builder Michael. Glad all went well in the end, but oh how we can worry.

  2. J Lapis says:

    WOW, Michael–you’ve outdone yourself. I was holding my breath, now so relieved too…

  3. the stacatto phrases are just perfect for this tension builder – thanks for the happy ending -phew!

  4. clothespeggedpat says:

    Very dramatically played out Michael – excellent use of narrator’s voice – has one clinging to the end 🙂

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