Kreative Kue 45 – Kreates Bootmaker and Apothecary.


The group was super excited as they neared the one place that they had focused on reaching. It had taken them six weeks and across four continents before they stood in the ancient city.

They knew in one of the many dark and narrow streets they would find the place they sought.

And there it was. In all its glory. Just as they had been promised.

Keith Kreates Bootmaker and Apothecary.

The legendary shop stood as it had always stood. Minding its own business in a neighbourhood where minding your own business was a good sign you enjoyed living.

The family Kreates had run the business for centuries the secrets of boot making and apothecary being passed on from one son to the next.

Their boots it was claimed had magical qualities and that was a given when you considered the excellent workmanship. Every stitch of the leather oozed class and quality.

It was claimed their boots could prevent bunions and split heels. Give the weary traveller extra hours of traipsing and cushion ones feet against the wear and tear of walking upon cobble stones.

Their apothecary business was also unique. They had a range of potions and lotions, to inhale, to inject, to ingest or simply have applied with a loved ones caring hand.

Travellers especially sought their foot balm a soothing cream that when applied to your aching feet gave your feet the sensation of being reborn into a glamorous and pain free world. People were known to drift off into the luxury of the balm for hours on end.

The group was so excited to be standing outside the shop and were busy studying the slips of paper in their pockets.

Despite his fame Kreates was a rather impatient man and his reputation was such that he didn’t like to wait for you to decide on any product but rather that you knew your shoe size upon entering or knew exactly which product from his apothecary section you were going to purchase.

The group organised themselves and entered a shop that took their breath away.

Shoes lined the shelves on one side and on the other the lotions and potions held pride of place.

Mr Kreates took their orders and before long they were the proud owners of their respective purchases.

They left the store and stood outside, their purchases in special Keith Kreates carry bags. Standing in front of the store and taking the necessary photos and selfies they felt the entire trip was well worth the effort to be right where they were at that very moment.

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7 Responses to Kreative Kue 45 – Kreates Bootmaker and Apothecary.

  1. I love it! There are many times, when I think I should visit such an emporium.

  2. J Lapis says:

    The foot balm does sound good.

  3. Lyn says:

    I wonder if they have a lotion for arthritic knees?

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