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One Hundred Word Stories – One Hour Flight

Write about someone who irritates you.   When Howard hit the aisle of the plane it was a sobering moment. He had for the past hour been at his most unsobering best. His fellow travelers were relived they had arrived … Continue reading

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Haibun Monday: 50 Shades of Rain

Its 3am. Outside I hear an unfamiliar sound. At last after months of winter drought there is rain. It showers down upon the darkened roof, its music fills me with joy, the constant rate of downfall enough to suggest we … Continue reading

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2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 27 – Take Off – 9C

For today’s prompt, write a take off poem.   Monday morning dawns 9C is awaiting me I feel the need to take the day off. Its not hard to ring and say Sorry I’m ill Be back tomorrow. 9C are … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge# 81, October 6, 2015 – Silence

Image: Mala Lesbia The phone sits silent As if it cares little how we feel. He was supposed to be here Within the hour, Then two, Now three. No news tonight is not good news. He was always reliable Never … Continue reading

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Poem 83

Movement, Languid Weary of the oppressive heat An afternoon that crawls by We sit beneath the fan Bodies glistening As a trickle of sweat Slips down my neck. We look outside Wishing the evening would arrive. At sunset the red … Continue reading

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