Fairy Tale Prompt June 5th 2015, the quest for fire – Beyond the Rock Pool


This week’s task: Imagine that you are living in the time of the Neanderthal people.

The fairies living beyond the boundaries of the rock pool had long felt that the giant sloping loping ones were not a being that was ever going to cause them any grief.

The giant sloping loping ones spent most of their time struggling in a world where weather and resources played such a significant role in their day-to-day lives.

In fact they provided the fairies of the rock pool with an unending source of entertainment as they watched them wrestle their way through any given day by clumsily hunting and gathering whatever foods came their way.

Within the fairy world of the rock pool the fairies enjoyed a life free of the complexities of the subsistence life style of the giant sloping loping ones.

Several times the fairies had tried to give to the giant sloping loping ones the magic of fire. But the giants were so dim as to never see the benefits of fire. To them it was a danger, a source of pain and in one case death.

At harvest festival time the fairies would gather and stoke up huge cauldrons of herbs and spices, they would construct giant bonfires to light their dance areas at night and would on a yearly basis dance and celebrate until the small wee hours plied with healthy amounts of fairy wine and fairy weed.

To the giant sloping loping ones this was an evening of terror. The fires would be visible to them; at least the smoke could be seen as it billowed up from beyond the rock pool.

Not one of the giant sloping loping ones ever ventured towards the fairy celebration and in fact would never have been allowed near them for the fairies always made sure that a barrier spell was in place should any giant accidentally wander too close.

One year the celebrations were bigger than ever. Orgatre the fairy black smith had gone a little overboard with his bonfire and had set fire to the bush surrounding the fairy village.

The fire burned out of control for several days. The giants abandoned their own camps and fled leaving behind their own shelters and possessions to the mercy of the flames.

After a week of fire and mayhem the rains came and the fires were extinguished. The giants returned to the smouldering ruins of their previous camp. All around them logs still burnt and the smoke thick upon the ground.

They stumbled over a dead and burnt kangaroo and one giant an enterprising one called Ugg, noticed that the dead animal gave off a scent that was attractive. He prodded the dead carcase and tasted some of the burnt flesh. This was a food they had not tried before. The entire tribe gathered around and devoured the meat.

Realising that the fire had created this taste sensation they decided to salvage the fire burning in a nearby log and preserve it as a future means of providing hot food for the tribe.

In the meantime the fairies beyond the rock pool had been observing this development and saw what they at first didn’t believe but the giants using what little brain they had to find uses for fire.

They thought it was quaint to see the giant sloping loping ones huddled around the fire they discovered burnt very hot if you fed it with more dead timber.

The fairies the next day saw the giant sloping loping ones in the fields to the far south, watching a mob of kangaroos hopping by.

‘This should be fun,’ said the fairies to each other as they watched the giant sloping loping ones puzzle over how to snare one.

‘Should we mention spears to them,’ asked one helpful fairy?

‘No!’ replied another,’ it’s all about evolution and we can’t interfere for who knows where that might lead them.’

Laughing to themselves they set up their deck chairs to watch the giant sloping loping ones work out how to catch the elusive bouncers.

Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2015/06/05/fairy-tale-prompt-june-5th-2015-the-quest-for-fire/

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12 Responses to Fairy Tale Prompt June 5th 2015, the quest for fire – Beyond the Rock Pool

  1. To the giant sloping loping ones this was an evening of terror.

    Awww I have such an affection for the giant sloping loping ones and yes evolution occurs in its own time. I sometimes wish I could change faster

  2. phylor says:

    I have a soft spot for fairies and the giant loping ones, the Neanderthals.
    Enjoyed the story.

  3. mandy says:

    This was my favorite of all your fairy stories, Michael. However, it did touch a sore spot for me. I have never looked up the word Neanderthal as my parents called me that throughout my childhood. I only knew it was something very bad. I was so glad here to see that they really do have a brain and that someone cared enough to help them use it. Oh, and one question: How large are the fairies? When you say they have a healthy dose of fairy wine, are we talking a thimbleful, or…? (Silly inquiring mind, lol!) 🙂

    • Well Mandy fairies can be of varying size. Some such as the fairies beyond the rock pool are about 2/3inches tall but are invisible to most human eyes. Some species of fairies are so small an entire community and city could sit in the palm of your hand….also the Neanderthals had brains they just needed opportunity to put them to use…..eventually they caught on, not on fire mind you though some probably did, but some learned how to control and use it to their benefit. Thanks so much for your comment and for stopping by my blog.

  4. mj6969 says:

    Wonderfully written – and of course, your sense of fae is remarkable – and how spellbinding the way you can share such amazing stories – for our education, benefit and entertainment. Well done Michael 😀

  5. Ah those fairies … always joyful to read your fairy tale Michael

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