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Elemental Writing Challenge April 10 – St Lucifer’s Day

This week’s element: Fire Today’s word: Sizzling It was an ordinary day in Hell, the barbeque was sizzling as it did around the clock and the lost souls all looked on hungrily as one after another a friend was pushed … Continue reading

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TELL ME A TALE IN 120 WORDS – Kitchen Fire

Today’s prompt is:  What is the most insane thing you’ve ever done in a crisis? We were preparing to cook dinner when small girl reached up to the bench, grabbed a jar of honey and dropped it. Everything stopped as … Continue reading

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Thursday photo prompt – Mask #writephoto – The BBQ

Cyril Rum was different to all of the people on Bush Street. Cyril was an angel. An angel on sabbatical as fate would have it who wore his human mask so well no one knew his true identity. That was … Continue reading

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Twittering Tales #8 – 13 December 2016 – Together

Christmas eve it’s just us. The cold is all around us save for the fire in the hearth. We snuggle close, its where we want to be. Together. Written for: https://kmmyrman.wordpress.com/2016/12/14/twittering-tales-8-13-december-2016/

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Thursday photo prompt – Smoke #writephoto

What we thought was the light at the end of the tunnel turned out to be anything but that. The closer we got the harder it was to breathe. Outside there must have been a bush fire that wasn’t there … Continue reading

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#Maydays Prompt – Playing with Fire

Today’s #maydays prompt, FIRE You awake hon? What? You awake? I am now. Can we talk? Babe its 2 am. I know I want to talk. Are you sick? No! Your mother sick? No! Grandma dying again? No! I just want … Continue reading

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FFfAW – Week of 03-01-2016 – The Final Night

It was our final night. The cast were up for one more performance. It had been a wonderful week with packed houses every night. Tonight the auditorium was packed. The show had energy, pathos, the music catchy and our band … Continue reading

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Fairy Tale Prompt June 5th 2015, the quest for fire – Beyond the Rock Pool

This week’s task: Imagine that you are living in the time of the Neanderthal people. The fairies living beyond the boundaries of the rock pool had long felt that the giant sloping loping ones were not a being that was … Continue reading

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Scribe’s Cave Picture Prompt #68 – Fire

In our time bushfires were a fact of life. At any one time they raged in some place. It seemed that whenever nature restored itself a fire would break out taking that life from us. Today the fire had taken … Continue reading

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