Fiction Friday Prompt #9 – A Grandchild


Today’s prompt is to write a scene. Here is the criteria

  • A young woman just found out she is pregnant
  • The father IS NOT human
  • The Setting is a Off-Worldly or Fantasy based

Around the table the mood was very sombre.

Zoe had just broken the news to her parents that she was pregnant. What should have been a time of celebration was greeted with a stunned silence.

Eventually Zoe’s mother spoke and asked if Gnaret was the father. Zoe looked at first sheepishly at both parents and then broke into smile and nodded her yes.

Zoe’s father was a member of the Space Control guard and was used to dealing with difficult and ticklish situations. Since they had moved to the outer planet of the Mans galaxy somewhere west of the sun of Ports Land he had striven to provide well for his small family. Zoe was his only child a daughter he was so very proud of but this news filled him with dread and fear.

Zoe saw the look on her father’s face and quickly removed the grin from her own.

‘Have you any idea?’ asked her father ‘As to what you are getting yourself in for?’

‘Yes father Gnaret is a most beautiful person.’

‘Person? Replied her mum, ‘he is not a person.’

‘No he’s not,’ said her father.

‘Mum? Dad? Our minds have met and we love each other.’

‘Its impossible he is nothing like us and what sort of child do you think you will produce?’ asked her father

‘Zoe darling, Gnaret has all those appendages and warty bits and he leaves the most annoying stains on the carpet when he visits.’ Said her mother trying to appeal to Zoe’s good senses.

‘I hate to think how this all happened,’ said her father.

‘Its not as if you could look him in the eye now is it darling,’ said her mother once again.

Zoe took out a photograph and placed it on the table. It was an image of she and Gnaret.

Gnaret was a Carliod. They were the original inhabitants of the planet Dukester and since humans had come to their part of the universe the Carloids had seen the humans as potential savours of their dying species. By mating with the humans whom they found easy to germinate with, there was a chance their race could survive albeit in what they considered was an ugly mutated form.

Gnaret had befriended Zoe one night at an intergalactic dance and dine night. Carloids didn’t have mouths nor did they have a face as such but rather communicated by means of mind telepathy…Zoe was immediately struck by the intelligence of Gnaret and the mind conversation about the literary merits of the Galactic Poet Laureate Darcy Jones had thrilled and excited her beyond any thrill and excitement she had experienced before. She was particularly taken by Gnaret’s views on Jones’ greatest poem Ode on a Broken Star.

They had made arrangements to meet again and one thing led to another and here was Zoe at the kitchen table with a Carloid baby gestating away in her uterus.

Zoe’s parents were aghast at the likely outcome of this pregnancy and were aware of other women who had entered into arrangements with the Carloids to only discover they gave birth to what humans would commonly refer to as a monster, but a loving one they had to say.

Carloids were great parents, they sat up all night with their babies, and they nursed and fed them through one of the appendages that protruded from their bodies. They wrapped their babies in a green slime, which incubated them from all possible chance of any disease that might be floating about near them.

There was a knock on the door and Gnaret came in. He sucked in his crown, as a greeting among the Carloids and sat there his appendages waving about and warty bits oozing green slime, which every so often would be sucked up by one of the many appendages.

‘Gnaret is so happy to be a father,’ said Zoe to her parents. ‘He said his mother has a set of baby clothes all ready and is knitting baby socks and bonnets as we speak.’

Zoe’s parents both gulped simultaneously. They had never considered Gnaret as having a mother or an anything.

Looking at each other and at their radiant daughter holding affectionately one of Gnaret’s many appendages they determined it might be best for all concerned to welcome in Gnaret as a son in law and do all they could to support their daughter.

‘Oh!’ said Zoe as she rose to leave. ‘Carloid babies have a three week gestation period so baby Gnaret1 will be here before we know it.’

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12 Responses to Fiction Friday Prompt #9 – A Grandchild

  1. loricarlson66 says:

    Wow! What a delightful and very detailed story! You sucked me right in and I pictured everything so well. Love this! Thank you, Michael!

  2. What an imagination. You made Garnet so gross I could sympathize with Zoe’s parents. Good job.

  3. Cute Sci Fi story! With a 3 week gestation period, they could have about 12 babies a year!

  4. phylor says:

    Ah, they say love is blind. And in Zoe’s case, I’m sure it was. Wow, gonna be a lot of 1/2 human/1/2 Catloids around. Worse that rabbits.

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