SoCS June 6/15 – Information


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This week’s prompt is “information”

We need more information.

I read the note that had been left on my desk.

Again it seems I had come up short.

Only yesterday I had been told that the final work was short of a good dose of lautin. I’d put in so much shortin, mortin and glortin and now that wanted Lautin?

Talk about slave drivers.

So I set out again to include some lautin along with the shortin, mortin, glortin and I thought to shut them up well and truly I’d add a generous serve of nautin, for who can not love a good serving of nautin.

Certainly my ex wife was addicted to it.

She’d buy it at the supermarket where they sold it in five kilo spray cans, sometimes on special if you bought some hautin cream to mix with it.

So I set to work and some hours later I had completed my final submission complete with shortin, mortin, glortin, lautin and of course the nautin.

It had to satisfy them I thought. But no they said the nautin was unnecessary and was really clogging the outcome and was in effect leaving everyone feeling bortin. I was devastated to say the least so hours later I re submitted and hoped that the information I supplied was not only bortin proof but hopefully would leave them tautin, vautin and cautin.

As they say a little information can be dautin.

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28 Responses to SoCS June 6/15 – Information

  1. loricarlson66 says:

    omg Michael! I love where your mind goes sometimes! This was very cleverly done!

  2. this is so cool, Michael 🙂 don’t know what they mean but they made me laugh! cheers!

  3. mandy says:

    Lol! Me thinks Michael’s been into the fairy wine–maybe more than a thimbleful! You’re one funny guy 😀

  4. DELL CLOVER says:

    Oh dear–I was already exhausted; now I’m afraid I’ll mix the wrong ingreds-in, die and be forgot-in.

  5. So very clever. Great job. Now who’s going to get the coffee out of my key board?

  6. phylor says:

    I’ not doutin that your prosetry is flauntin your noggin. I don’t think I got the tin right, but I did enjotin your submistin.
    PS: I think I missed the point!

  7. Prajakta says:

    This was a great piece Michael 🙂

  8. jetgirlcos says:

    Can I like this without being altogether sure that I’m smart enough to understand it? 🙂

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