Haibun Thinking – December 16th 2014 – A First Trip


Photo supplied by
Terry Shepherd

My first trip away from the safe shores of home has taken me to this place.

Standing now looking across the water my wonder extends to questions. How many adventurers sailed to this place, how many left in search of discovery, excitement, quest, how many had a visionary desire to find and explore new and bountiful lands.

I know nothing of this place but stories of medieval princesses come to mind of being locked in the tower, deprived of their one true love, held captive, ransomed even.

It has a pleasant air about it, I am sure it has more beautiful stories than ugly. But it does bear the traits of being built in a time when men lived behind battlements, their fortifications built to stay the test of time.

But in this spring time there is nothing but a raw beauty, a mystery that is contained within its powerful walls.

towering rock walls

secrets from a long lost past

beauty a bounding.

Written for: https://haibunthinking.wordpress.com/2014/12/16/haibun-thinking-december-16th-2014/

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7 Responses to Haibun Thinking – December 16th 2014 – A First Trip

  1. Al says:

    I love the history of castles and old buildings. There is so much the stones could tell us if only they could talk.

  2. Far off places steeped in history, my favourite kinda’ place.

  3. Perfect story for a castle with not a mote but protected by a lake.

  4. Nicely done piece, Sir Tommy, quietly reflective of man’s long history of aggression, neatly interwoven with dreams of romance.

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