Photo Prompt #39 – Scream by the Pier


Image: Arno Rafael Minkkinen

Christmas Day

Celebrations begin at dawn,

Children squeal when discovery

Reveals surprises

Their hearts desire.

Mother and father watch

Their hearts pounding

Proud as each child’s

Long sought wish

Is realised.

Today they go to the river

An anticipated picnic

A picturesque spot.

They’ll swim in the river

Today’s a stinking Christmas Day.

Excitement mounts

Picnic baskets packed

Each child gathers a favourite gift

The old family car loaded with expectation.

By afternoons end

Two girls and the father

Drown in the river

In a spot thought safe.

The mother is distraught

She gathers what is left of her life

Her brother comes to fetch her home

She stands and stares at the tranquil water

How did this happen she asks?

The baby is in its stroller

Safe, unhurt, oblivious.

She never visits the river again

Each lost child

Their cries for help

Forever in her mind.

They wondered why she didn’t scream

Throw herself down.

But when you are numb

Everything’s in a dream.

Christmas Day

Has haunted her for years.

She sits with the girl’s favoured gifts

Holds them close

Closes her eyes, remembers the day.

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14 Responses to Photo Prompt #39 – Scream by the Pier

  1. A tragic loss, as our days start and end, we are unagware what tragedy may befall us. Sad write Michael.

  2. Excuse the typo, can’t even blame predictive text…

  3. Lyn says:

    Oh how sad. You know how to write to touch the heart, Michael.

  4. How tragic. You write the event well.

  5. Bastet says:

    How tragic … you really wrote a masterpiece here Michael … so well written and it gave me the shivers.

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