Prompt #75 Influence the Dark Side – The Patsy


Image: Antonio Mora

I watched you so often from afar

Never dreamed I would encounter you

Never imagined you would show a speck of interest

As you went about your lofty manipulative business.

It was as I recall a chance

Alone on the same bus stop

A conversation

You piqued an interest

I fell for your allure.

A drink you said in feigned innocence

My mouth fell open too good to be true

My brain flashed red, signalled an alert

My other brain said: ‘Go man go.’

So with eyes on mine, your hand held firm

You led me and I gladly followed.

There’s a lot of truth in ‘grabbed by the short and curlies’

But you never notice when enamoured

All starry eyed and dribbling.

Within a week I was in your arms,

I thought of nothing else but you

Those moments where you dropped your dress

When you took me in hand into your bed.

Never had I felt such lust, such desire

You said you need me, said; ‘You’re my one great love.’

Made me feel the ultimate man

My ego you embellished beyond its worth

But I was too blind to ever see.

Then the subtle requests, if you don’t mind

Take this here, drop that there,

We need to be rid of the competition

There’s only room in this town for us.

With blood on my hands I answered the door

Man handled and jostled, led away

I turned but you were no where to be seen

Evaporated as if you’d never been there.

Then I realised your careful manoeuvre.

I was the one left holding the bunny

You had vanished, never heard of again.

Caught red handed, I did see the joke

I languish and continue to do so.

I never dreamed of meeting you

Never imagined you interested in me

But I was your patsy, nothing more.

It was as my mother once said:

‘Too good to be true? Then it probably is.’

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14 Responses to Prompt #75 Influence the Dark Side – The Patsy

  1. Very real and very true… 🙂 🙂

  2. “My brain flashed red, signalled an alert

    My other brain said: ‘Go man go.’” made me smile and I also loved “My ego you embellished beyond its worth” very well written Michael enjoyed it thoroughly

  3. Your mother was right. How we are lured at times for the wrong reasons, when attention is what we seek. Written well Michael for Yves prompt.

  4. Lyn says:

    Beautifully written, Michael. Let’s hope what goes around comes around…conniving little trollop.

  5. Pat says:

    Ah Michael – you never cease to amaze me – this is by far, one of my favorites — the words are so simple – yet they are so well chosen, placed so purposefully – and you have some amazing metaphors here – curious and yet gorgeous – “I was the one left holding the bunny” — the line breaks – everything – it is simply so powerfully well written. Bravo! 🙂

  6. JackieP says:

    There is always that one that you can’t ignore that will do you in. Nicely done Michael. Your mother was right as mothers often are. 😉

  7. So often we neglect the insights of our mammy’s and pappy’s. When your left holding the bag for someone else it surely ain’t not fun not at’all. A fine write about being under the influence of a Jezebel.

    Thanks for stopping by my place and your kind words. Shit can be a might fine useful thing if used right. ~Ina

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