Fairytale Prompt #28 – Nihilation Grunge


Photo by Anja

Nihilation Grunge looked about and decided that this was the most beautiful place he had ever lived.

It had taken many years of hard work to get the Reflective Ponds Memorial and Resting Gardens to the standard he desired but he considered it well worth the effort as he stood and cast his eye over his domain, a vista that left his soul calm and pondering the sheer majesty of nature.

Here before him lay the result of his labours, a home for the dearly departed fairies, sprites, nymphs and any miscellaneous being who stumbled upon their beautiful town.

He had set out to create the ideal Resting Place, an area in which loved ones could feel safe that their loved one was in the right hands and in the right place.

His team were hard working, dedicated and loyal to him. One thing he could say about fairies was that when presented with a task to complete they would work their little wings off in completing the job to his satisfaction.

Today was a special day in the town of Reflecting Ponds. Olafus Murkle had passed away and the whole town was expected to attend his funeral. Olafus had been town mayor for many years and the source of so much inspiration to many over his long life.

Nihilation expected many to attend, there would be tears, speeches and more speeches as every one it seemed saw Olafus as a very good person and wanted to have their say.

He had made sure that the sniff fairies had a more than adequate supply of flower handkerchiefs for the occasion.

With such a huge outpouring of grief within the community there was no telling how long the service might take.

Such was the importance of the event Nihilation had engaged his best funeral celebrant, a petite fairy who would flutter among the congregation delivering her eulogy in her own unique way. People always felt their loved ones had received the best send off when The Mill Park Fairy officiated.

Today she had been well oiled in the correct protocols, the appropriate attire, her wings were preened and sparkling and Nihilation was pleased to see her earlier that morning practicing her fluttering and eulogy out behind the cabbage patch.

As the moment of the ceremony approached and the congregation assembled amid hushed respectful voices Nihilation couldn’t help but gasp at the riot of colour that greeted him, flowers of every hue and kind tastefully arranged around the coffin of Olafus Murkle. This was not to be a sad dour affair, as Olafus would want everyone to celebrate his life, sing, drink, make merry and of course dance.

The Fairyland Jazz band had set up in a corner of the chapel and were tuning up, before launching into their own rendition of ‘When the Sprites come marching in.’ The area in front of the coffin was a cleared space where the singing and dancing would take place.

This was going to be a memorable event thought Nihilation, a mark of a persons esteem within the community was not how many attended the final service but how many danced and how long the whole event took.

Nihilation thought to himself, this is going to be a long day.

It was indeed a long day. The community honoured Olafus as they had no other. The singing and dancing at first full of precision and finesse gradually deteriorated under the pressure of large amounts of alcohol being used to toast Olafus’ departed soul. Nihilation lost count of how many toasts were called for, it was easier just to raise your glass and sip a little more Fairy Wine and feel its intense alcoholic effects gradually take over and leave you wanting nothing more than the opportunity to drink more. Fairy Wine did that to you, you never felt you had had enough. Enough was when the supply ran out.

As the sun set that afternoon, Nihilation and his team finally laid Olafus to rest in a spot carefully selected to overlook the Reflective Ponds and with a view of the town centre. He’ll be happy here was the general consensus.

That night Nihilation pulled of his shoes and rested his weary feet. It had been a good day, the community had rallied to the cause of Olafus Murkle and tomorrow they would sleep late, the consumed wine had a long term restive effect, there would be not much work on offer as most would not rise until after midday.

He sat back and looked out over the Memorial Gardens and thought it is a good place to live. Patting his rounded stomach he laid his head back and drifted off into a well-deserved slumber.

Written for: http://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2014/10/03/fairytale-prompt-28/

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13 Responses to Fairytale Prompt #28 – Nihilation Grunge

  1. JackieP says:

    A job well done all around Michael. Now that’s the kind of send off I want! Party and be happy!

  2. I can’t stop smiling over the Mill Park Fairy being a funeral celebrant…the perfect send off for Olafus Murkle, great story..just going to sip more wine, all that reading was hard work. 🙂

  3. Lyn says:

    Now that’s what I call a fairytale. In fact, that were a fairytale and an ‘alf that were 🙂

  4. Hi Michael. I thoroughly enjoyed this! The Fairyland world you created, Olafus Murkle’s name. I love every word! Thank you so much. LHN

  5. Pat says:

    This is absolutely stunning! My how we are on a roll Michael!

    The character – the narrative – the setting – I was swept along on fairy wings and was sitting pond side. A beautiful and lovely work that does justice to such a beautiful image 🙂

  6. Blake says:

    I especially enjoyed the visualisation here: “her wings were preened and sparkling and Nihilation was pleased to see her earlier that morning practicing her fluttering and eulogy out behind the cabbage patch.” The detail of the cabbage patch strikes the perfect note 🙂

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