Prompt #75 Influence the Dark Side -2


This week there have been two excellent prompts in MLM. This effort takes the photo prompt offered by Laura and combines with MLM’s prompt from yesterday.

In the dark my soul climbs the walls

I see you and what you are

Your breathe enticing yet deadly

Manipulation your middle name.

One part of me wants to please you

Bend to your every wish

Yes ma’am no ma’am, three bags full ma’am

Cowering in the corner I seek approval.

You have taken my soul, I sold out

I lay before you a wretched forlorn man

Twisted and tormented, damaged beyond repair

Used and abused as your plaything.

My soul has climbed one last wall

My last spark of resistance, rebellion

Fires my resolution, defiance raises its head

Your bewilderment proffers satisfaction.

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10 Responses to Prompt #75 Influence the Dark Side -2

  1. Anger, sadness, desperation, defiance, all in this my friend. Well penned.

  2. Oh wow Michael powerful emotional writing!

  3. hpliebekraft says:

    I was involved on and off with a guy who made me feel this way. He was really not good for me. He was more of an addictive substance than a human being.

  4. Ah… I read it few days back. And closed the window. Ignited old feelings inside me – very powerful this is!

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