Poetry Prompt 59 – Letter


Weeks had passed

So unlike you to not write.

I wondered why?

What had happened?

Had you decided it was a pointless exercise?

I had feared the worst.

Day after day I searched the mailbox

But nothing with your postmark appeared.

My mood slumped

My hope began to disappear

I thought of a life alone again.

Then I found your letter in my hand.

My heart leapt

Expectation rose

Your declaration of love

Has lifted my spirits.

You are right my love

I am smitten

I am in love with you

You understand me, you accept me

You love me despite my flaws

You love me as I love you.

Your letter I fold and place in the sleeve

I have created in my heart:

That way I sleep with you

Your love enfolds me

I am whole.


Written for: http://pookypoetry.wordpress.com/2014/06/28/poetry-prompt-59-letter/

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16 Responses to Poetry Prompt 59 – Letter

  1. Gabriella says:

    I like how you create tension within a few lines, the questions, the dread, the answers we provide because we cannot bear the void. Then the outcome and we are relieved, and happy for you. I smile that you feel whole. Things are as they should be. I suspect however that today we expect emails more than letters.

  2. Ah the anticipation…love that you carry it in the sleeve of your heart…wow!! That is so romantic, Michael.

  3. mandy says:

    Beautiful. How I miss those days of going to the mailbox daily, waiting for letters. And the feeling of when one arrived, studying the ink scrawl and knowing instantly who authored it. You conveyed that so well!

  4. JackieP says:

    Beautiful Michael. Letters or emails, they are awesome to get when they are from a loved one. You conveyed all that so well in this.

  5. Good anticipation, nervously wondering and waiting for those words, then being able to hold them close to your heart, letting go of all the anxious feelings. Very nice Michael.

  6. RoSy says:

    Oh – so romantic!

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