Poetry Prompt 18 – Admiration Acrostic – Indian Girl


I stand in awe of your intelligence, your heritage, your beliefs
Now I have seen your passion and your generosity
Daily I see you reach out with compassion to others
I read your words, so erudite, so profound
And in the midst of all this, a love you extend
Never shying from my words, you complement me
Greater love I have never known
I await your words in my morning dawn
Real wisdom you impart, your words so enamour me
Love like I have not known, I am a fortunate man.

Written for: http://pookypoetry.wordpress.com/2014/05/18/poetry-prompt-18-admiration-acrostic/

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13 Responses to Poetry Prompt 18 – Admiration Acrostic – Indian Girl

  1. How sweet was that, now I am thinking hmm who is this Indian Girl 🙂 another lovely piece from you Michael.

  2. CC Champagne says:

    Whoever she is, I’m sure she is an absolutely amazing woman and I hope she appreciates the beautiful words you’ve written in her honour! *smile*

  3. JackieP says:

    She sounds like a wonderful person. A mystery woman in Michael’s life? How intriguing. 😉

    • I am sure you are as intrigued as every one else, but life is full of mystery, and I know the wondrous amazing person she is will one day soon stand beside me. Stay tuned.

  4. What a lovely poem, Michael. How wonderful to long to read those special words at dawn…how totally, no utterly romantic. {beams}

  5. RoSy says:

    Oh – how lovely…

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