Poetry Prompt 14 – Describe a Smell – My Cat


Phew, my goodness my face is all red,

I am sorry to say I think something’s dead.


I have not been so nasally affronted

My nose feels like its just been punted.


The aroma is not something to speak to

As I fear it may be stuck to my shoe.


I sense it as I round my street

Stronger it grows with each step of my feet.


It reminds me that mess on the road

The one when the car ran over the toad.


The smell stayed around for days

We pretended it was a form of malaise.


But this smell I fear is very unique

Too hard for me to guess or critique


I fear the worst as I look you see

On stepping closer to number three.


Overwhelming and taking my breath away

I am sure I put the cat out today.


She’s old and not long for this world

I will fear to look if her tails all curled.


I see Mr Jones at Number one

Looking as though something’s been done


There’s movement at Ben’s at number seven

I hear the poor old coot’s gone to heaven


So what a relief as I open my door

Collect the mail from the vinyl floor


I look around to find my cat

But she’s not there upon her mat


Then again there’s that smell once more

Oh no I gasp, that’s her on the floor.


Oh kitty you don’t smell to good at all

I’ll bury you now get you out of the hall.


I’d best get a shovel and my old rusty spade

Bury you next to Rover and Kade.


It’s been a sad old day for me

These offensive smells have put me at sea.


Fumigate, scrub give an all over clean,

My house now sparkles, no smells obscene.


Written for: http://pookypoetry.wordpress.com/2014/05/14/poetry-prompt-14-describe-a-smell/

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20 Responses to Poetry Prompt 14 – Describe a Smell – My Cat

  1. PookyH says:

    Oh poor old dear x

    I can relate to this. We’ve recently lost Alice our old lady cat. She disappeared one day and I was sure I’d find her having a final sleep in a favourite spot, but it’s been days and no sign. My nose is constantly on alert for *that* smell…

    • Thanks Pooky. I recall a friend of mine telling about an old cat they had which at the end of its life would lie around and sleep. On the day of its death her dad had shifted the cat into the sun several times during the day, to keep it warm before realising the poor old cat was in fact dead.

      • PookyH says:

        Oh no!

        When one of my old lady cats died a couple of weeks ago I didn’t realise she was dead until I embraced her for her usual morning cuddle. She’d just gone to sleep in her usual place and not woken up the next day. I think that is how I would choose to go too..

      • Yes Pooky I think we’d all like to go that way too.

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  3. Spoken like a true animal lover… Lol!

  4. oh no, thats really awful, did that really happen?

  5. nessa1313 says:

    I didn’t laugh. I swear, I didn’t.

  6. CC Champagne says:

    Both sad and fun! How do you do it??? *smile* As always, in awe!

  7. JackieP says:

    I tell you Michael, you are rough on our four legged friends LOL. Good one.

  8. atrm61 says:

    You are such a fantastic poet Michael-I sincerely hope that you publish your book of poems someday :-)This one really made me laugh-what a fun read-loved the rhyming!

  9. Bastet says:

    Oh so sad…sorry for the kitty and her owner. Well written dear Michael.

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