Prompt 51 Complete Bafflement – Emotions


Why you?

Why me?

I ask myself this every day.

How did this happen?

What occurred to plunge me into this confusion?

This disbelief?

My emotions thrown into disarray.

What began in all innocence

Has blown out to a situation

Way beyond any expectation.

I thought I was beyond such things

My day long past

Content now in my world

No stresses, no responsibilities.

I recall your invitation

Would you mind?

Could we?

Ok why not.

Innocent enough.

The thrill of the chase

Just a game nothing more

All over by next week.

Then there was more

Another invite, more words

A question, then two.

Truths stated

Emotions peeked,

A miracle?


I’m too old?

Now I long for you

And still I ask

Why me?

Why you?


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19 Responses to Prompt 51 Complete Bafflement – Emotions

  1. Never too old for love and no matter what age I think love always surprises ad confounds haha

  2. You did bring out the bafflement and confusion Michael, entwined with a pinch of doubt. Well done.

  3. There someone for everyone. Just have to willing to believe. Well written.

  4. Ah, that is so sweet!!! Just love it 😀

  5. Never too old only as old as you think though the body can argue however we start to not enjoy the games nor have the energy for it! X

  6. JackieP says:

    Ah, never too old for love, I think. Love is ageless and has no boundaries. I liked this one a lot Michael.

  7. Wonderful take on the prompt – so real, so relatable!! 🙂 🙂

  8. RoSy says:

    Why not?
    Love is ageless…

  9. Larry says:

    Never too old for mature love. Games, however, one outgrows quickly if they are smart.

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