Prompt 50 Grim Determination – Satisfaction


Do you think you can manage?

I have to.

How long this will go on for?

Some said days, others weeks.


My dad lay in his bed,

Pneumonia adding to his suffering

His breathing laboured

Oxygen his saviour.


Each day I came.

Held his hand, talked the news

The world, sport, who won, who lost

The latest scandal, who died.


In reaching for my hand

Initially uncomfortable,

Roles reversed, he needs me,

To stay and comfort him.


Hour after hour, his discomfort palpable

He slips in the bed, lift, slide, struggle

Feed him his breakfast, lunch and tea

Slowly he eats what he can.


Home each evening, rest up,

Resolve to be back for breakfast

Another day, breath gasping

Fear in his eyes, he knows his end is near.


Day five, I fear what I’ll find

The strain is taking its toll

No one should suffer like this

But I know he needs me, I go.


He is showered, dressed, shaved

He looks his best all week,

I feed him breakfast,

He eats hungrily, as if expecting.


We sit; I hold his hand, our standard routine

He nods to having a bet on Saturday

A man arrives brings communion

Is he ready now?


My resolve is being tested

Trying to be brave, strong, supportive

He looks at me, struggles another breath

Grips my hand, I see a change.


My dad faded suddenly away

With grace he stopped living.

My satisfaction

I hung in there with him.

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23 Responses to Prompt 50 Grim Determination – Satisfaction

  1. Powerful moving, heart-breaking and beautiful thank you for sharing Michael

  2. Oh Michael, I felt your pain in your words, heartbreaking. How hard it is to be brave, the strength we need. Your love is profound, your love for your dad..what a son or child has to do…you did good mate…you did good. Hugs.

  3. nessa1313 says:


  4. JackieP says:

    So poignant and such strength, in both you and your dad. It was beautiful in it’s simplicity, Michael.

  5. Tina J.S says:

    woow, great text and you really found the right words for strength.
    ~ Tina

  6. Powerful! very moving poem!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  7. Another powerful emotional charge writing

  8. This is so moving and beautiful, Michael. True love, blessings, Oliana xx

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