Prompt 39 An Unwanted Reality – Age


Age, decline, slowing down,

Health, so many factors

In my unwanted reality.

The pursuit of love becomes problematic

You don’t have any more

Whatever youthful charm

You once possessed.

The chase becomes a lumbering shuffle

Your chances are limited but don’t give up.

You body complains constantly

As you push it to behave as once it did in your twenties.

Parts that were always faulty are now chronically so

Drugs keep that at bay, but provide new issues

Weight increases, exercise declines, blood pressure drops

Some activities are fraught with danger.

Recovery once a matter of moments can go on for days

So tedious.

Then to stay alive they say don’t eat this, don’t eat that,

This no food diet will set you straight, yikes!

But I cannot conclude on such a pessimistic note

For we sensate types are more

Forward thinking than looking back.

My reality may be in many ways unwanted, but it is mine,

I make the best of what I have for age brings

Wisdom, reflection and evaluation.

So even though not everything

Is what I would like it to be

It’s my reality and it sits ok with me.

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44 Responses to Prompt 39 An Unwanted Reality – Age

  1. Lyn says:

    Awww man, can I ever appreciate this! Why is getting older so hard? Aches, pains, where-did-I-put-my-glasses moments ~sigh~

  2. Age was a great choice for the prompt Michael because it definitely brings unwanted changes (some good changes too and you are plenty charming). I laughed when I saw the no food diet because even though you are being cheeky it definitely feels that way. I have food allergies and there are times when I feel everything is off limits! I loved that you mentioned being a Sensate in this poem that made my day!

    • Couldn’t resist that reference…lol. Thank you for your comment, the no food diet is my reality, sadly. But I find I do bend the rules, as Christmas bears witness too. Thanks for the compliment, you’ve made my day.

  3. As wonderful and vivid description of the aging process. Every age has its beauty. Loved reading this.

  4. Great response to the prompt – love the way you ended on a happy note (which is more than I can say for my response tot he prompt this week, LOL. 🙂 🙂

    • Thank you Helen, I couldn’t end mine in a pessimistic way as I realise I don’t like my reality all that much but on the other hand if I don’t ‘like’ it where will I be.

  5. Can I just say I hear you brother? Especially after this weekend 😦 you have written about the not so many joys of growing old. Cold hard truths unfortunately. We shall continue to wake up breathing for as long as we can – and yes it is our reality. Great write Michael

  6. The Real Cie says:

    I work with the elderly, and I watched my own father’s health decline over a period of six years, to the point where his death could only be considered a mercy. I really don’t fear death, in fact, with my condition (bipolar disorder) I sometimes think it’s taking too damn long to get here! I have no problem with aging per se. I’m not one of those “a lady doesn’t tell her age” types. Ask me my age and I will tell it! (I will be 49 in less than a month.)
    I do fear losing my functions as my father did, and can only hope that this will not be the case. I would not want to put that on my son.

    • Thank you for your comment, I too cared for my ageing father and like you watched his slow decline. Life though is precious and whilst I understand the point you are making about your own death I never once saw my dad wish for death no matter how distressed he was. As for me I live with my own health issues and I have too much to live for. I am not ready yet, but I don’t fear it either. Thank you so much for your very thought provoking comment. I appreciate you visiting.

  7. How they say the youth is wasted on the youth. Well said.

    • Thanks Kim, shame we don’t hae wisdom as a youth, I can remember when I was younger thinking I wouldn’t have wisdom until I was older and what a shame that was to have to wait so long.

  8. PookyH says:

    Beautiful and insightful, as always… I leave you with a quote I adore:

    Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.

    Betty Friedan

    • Thanks Pooky, and that’s how I see it too, just have to adjust to this new stage where I don’t move as quickly as I once did…opportunity at a slightly slower pace, maybe I’ll take more in this way. Have a good evening.

      • PookyH says:

        Don’t get me wrong… it would drive me nuts! I’m signed up to run the London Marathon in April and having done no exercise in over a decade I find myself shocked than I can’t run for miles as easily as I could when I was 17…. I think we always expect more of ourselves than is truly reasonable!

  9. Linda Vernon says:

    Oh I loved this! There are so many things also when you get older that you never imagine would happen. For one thing, you’ve got your kids, their spouses and their kids to worry about — in addition to all your other worries. Maybe that’s why memory fails a bit . . . perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise! HA! And boy can I relate to: “Recover once a matter of moments can go on for days”!! Yesterday I was limping around, why? Because I crossed my legs too long while I was writing! LOL!! We better hang on to our hats. Summers! It’s going to be a wild ride!

    • Wild it already is Linda. Thanks for quoting that line I have edited recover to recovery. Seems a good example of my eyes letting me down. And yes my kids and their little ones are a wonderful addition to my world. Gkid 7 will arrive in June all being well.
      You take care, we older sorts have to be gentle on our selves. Call me Michael.

  10. RoSy says:

    Oh the life of living & growing old. I hope I live to see the day when I have white hair & pretty wrinkles on my face. 🙂
    The aches & pains I could do without – but – I know I’m not immune to them as I am already seeing signs of them. And – I know what my family tree is like. Oh well…
    I like how you ended the poem with making the best with what you’ve got. Heck – why not? 😉

  11. Ah such realities of physical aging yet the bonus of the mind that holds so many truths, wisdom and stories to share; a price to pay that may be well worth the discomforts. Lovely post…the positive edge at the end made me smile.

  12. poetrypea says:

    Very positive to end there. Lovely gentle read.

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