Patchwork Woman


This poem has been written following a conversation with a friend who has battled breast cancer, at a cost, and who lives daily with  lymphedema.  She described this poem as ‘Shockingly accurate’.

There’s a monster within you

One that you have fought and defeated

But at a devastating cost.

For that monster has disfigured you

Tortured and ridiculed you.

But lurking deeper

Hidden from all but those around you

Is a more insidious demon

Who has now taken over

Your body and your spirit.

It fashions every thought

Governs every action and it wants your mind.

This demon delights in control

It cares little

But takes satisfaction from your pain.

A pain never to leave you,

For the demon plays and plots his demonic ecstasy.

Your fierce determination

Will never allow him to smirk at his handiwork.

Made worst

By the jibes of loved ones.

Today lovers shy from you, and the demon cackles as you are left to gaze at your match of spare parts,

Bits that appear real,

But remain mute.

Let others to see the patchwork woman.

You know the real you.


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4 Responses to Patchwork Woman

  1. Anja says:

    Powerful and very sad. 😦

  2. I agre with Anja, this is powerfully written and though not knowing the person in question would deem to quite accurate. The sadness you have depicted especially being jibed by loved ones..and gaze at your match of spare parts, gave this insidious disease something that we do not see. Very well written Summer – thoughts to you friend.

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