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In Other Words, counterfeit…

Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word counterfeit   The shovel slipped into the earth and stopped when it reached pay dirt. Unearthed was a treasure chest, gold inlays deceiving us of its authenticity. Opening it we couldn’t … Continue reading

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Flash Fiction – The Map

The prompt is: An elderly woman is gardening when she discovers what appears to be a treasure map buried in her back yard. It seems to lead to a spot on the outskirts of town. What does she find where … Continue reading

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Microfiction challenge #9: Rainbow

It was the appearance of my fairy godmother that alerted me firstly to the fact I was delusional and in need of urgent help for the storm and all its ferociousness had obviously played havoc with my brain. She stood … Continue reading

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Scribe’s Cave Picture Prompt #62: – Lenny

Image: c.1855-1860. one of the first surgical procedures using ether as an anesthetic Its true boss he’s lyin’. You sure he knows? Oh he knows boss. How can you be sure? He’s got a map. How do you know it’s … Continue reading

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Mondays Finish the Story – October 20th, 2014 – The Elusive X

This weeks opening sentence is: Do you remember that old saying, “X marks the spot?” It’s a definite thing isn’t it an X I mean. Well if you find it you can’t very well dispute the X can you? Two … Continue reading

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Līgo Haibun Challenge – Word Prompt – Treasure

My chosen word is Treasure I am looking now and entranced in the beauty before me. Never have I seen such magnificence. Each jewel has been so polished,  the suns rays are reflected from a thousand different faces. We are … Continue reading

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