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Wordle Special Addition Scent “August 8th, 2016” The Weekly Meeting

This week’s words to play with: Earthy Jasmine Sulfuric Exhaust Peppermint Acrid (sharp or biting to the taste or smell; bitterly pungent; irritating to the eyes, nose, etc.) Sudor (sweat) Musk Bouquet Incense Coffee Fetor (stench) Antiseptic Redolence (having a pleasant … Continue reading

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Poetics: Empire of Scents – Family Dinner

Dive into the world of scents. I hear the crash of the door Young Jack enters, exuberant as always His younger brothers follow Wide eyed wondering what’s on the menu. Daughters arrive, sons rush in It’s a family dinner Two … Continue reading

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Prompt Nights – Take time out and stop to smell the Roses

The Black Rose** I moved in with my aging dad I said the garden needs attention He said do what you want BUT don’t kill the black rose.   In the front of my yard Under the window of my … Continue reading

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Prompt Nights – Nothing is more memorable than Scent – The Girl on the Train

  Write a poem or prose piece regarding the subject of scent. I’d see her on the train, As she passes she lingers in my nose. Some days an overwhelming aroma As if she’s accidentally tipped the perfume over herself. … Continue reading

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