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Sunday Writing Prompt – July 2, 2017: Love Flowers – Head Over Heels

“Love Breaks My Bones and I Laugh.” Charles Bukowski I never thought it could hurt so much and bring the ultimate joy all at the same time. “You’re such a wimp,” she’d say as I lay there in the dust. … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge #104 – Floating

Image: Brooke Shaden I feel myself floating, drifting up It’s eerie, I don’t understand Below me ants mill around There is confusion, I feel frantic I am suddenly afraid, is this? Beside me my mother long dead stands I feel … Continue reading

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Wordle #70 “July 20, 2015″ Injury

This week’s words: Flatten Cephalic (relating to the head) Coagulate Innards Frequency Hiss Tinnitus (a ringing or similar sensation of sound in the ears) Spear Spray Radial Leviathan (a large marine animal such as a whale, anything of immense size … Continue reading

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Wordle #64 “June 8, 2015″ – Elouise

This week’s fun words: Cartilage Paint Session Atomize (to reduce to fine particles or spray) Denouement (the final resolution of the intricacies of a plot, as of a drama or novel) Handle Cue Lapse Cocktail Paramnesia (a distortion of memory in … Continue reading

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