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Tale Weaver – #242 – Happiness – 26th September – Cyril’s Birthday Cake

Image: Gary Larson – Google Images. Cyril Rum, an angel on sabbatical, found emotion an intriguing feature of human beings. Being an angel, the notion of happiness and or sadness, was something novel to him. On earth in his efforts … Continue reading

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Knock, Knock Writing Challenge~! Week # 6 – RG’s Happiness Shop

This week’s task: If you could find it in yourself, that bit of bravery to leave the comforts of your everyday life behind and pursue your own happiness and if money wouldn’t be an issue, where would you go and what would … Continue reading

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Writing Prompt #125 “NoEnd House Part 6″ – Feet Under the Table

In sombre tones the family gathered The hopeful rubbed their hands together. Expectation was high Riches awaited. They thought they had Crossed their ‘T’s and dotted their ‘I’s. The lackadaisical wanted it over There was drinking to be done Places … Continue reading

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SoCS Sept 19/15 “route/root.”

The first thing I thought of when I saw this prompt was that where I live we pronounce ‘route’ as ‘root’. I found it intriguing years later to discover there were people who pronounced ‘route’ as ‘route’. Like so much … Continue reading

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