SoCS Sept 19/15 “route/root.”


The first thing I thought of when I saw this prompt was that where I live we pronounce ‘route’ as ‘root’. I found it intriguing years later to discover there were people who pronounced ‘route’ as ‘route’.

Like so much of language pronunciation it is a regional thing. I’ve no idea why we used the one sound for both words after all the spelling of route is as it is sounded.

Though living in the land down under I am becoming more and more aware of the language differences but also the subtle changes in meaning we apply to expressions we use.

It was never a matter of confusing the meanings and the usage. A ‘root’ was always a carrot and like vegetable, a ‘route’ was the path we took to get somewhere.

I took a few different routes in life, career is pretty boring in terms of taking only one route profession wise but I did travel a few different routs to teach my trade. Like everything in life some routes were healthier than others. Marriage was something I didn’t do very well at even though you could argue my children suggest it wasn’t all that bad and I did have a few moments of joy along the way.

Now I don’t work anymore I feel there are a few more routes I would like to explore and maybe put down some roots to savour and explore all that life presents to me.

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13 Responses to SoCS Sept 19/15 “route/root.”

  1. Tessa says:

    We pronounce route as root. USA middle eastern states.

  2. Lyn says:

    That is one pronunciation I just don’t understand. I mean, you say “root” and “coot” and “toot.” But you don’t say “doot” or “loot” or “boot” when you see the words “doubt” or “lout” or “bout.” Why would you say “root” when you see the word “route”? ~sigh~ English as she is goodly spoken 🙂

  3. RoSy says:

    I say route – you say root.
    Sounds good to me. 😀

  4. LindaGHill says:

    All the controversy in the comments so far, but I have yet to hear anyone pronounce “routine” with an “out” sound. 😉
    Always good to have options, isn’t it? (Referring both to how we pronounce things and life in general.) 🙂

  5. You say potato I say Pa -Ta-To.. So many variations and meanings, oh by the way my friend I wouldn’t say your career was ‘boring’ when you encouraged, taught and praised so many, so that they changed their lives. Ya done good mate.

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