Knock, Knock Writing Challenge~! Week # 6 – RG’s Happiness Shop


This week’s task: If you could find it in yourself, that bit of bravery to leave the comforts of your everyday life behind and pursue your own happiness and if money wouldn’t be an issue, where would you go and what would you pursue?

RG Cook’s Happiness shop is down the street and around the corner from my house.

It is the most amazing of stores. It’s full of the most intriguing objects all intended to create within you a sense of happiness.

There are things that bobble, things that hobble, things that wobble and in the far corner is a strange yet happiness inducing object that if you look at it too long it emits the most sensuously pleasing gobble gobble, gobble you could ever imagine. Needless to say it’s frightfully expensive but you can never just look at it, listen to it and feel its magic without that sense that everything in life is going to be ok from this moment on.

RG is an enigmatic character. On any good day you’ll find her sitting behind her counter at the front of the store always busy, sewing, knitting and sipping on a steaming brew, which never gives out any odour suggestive of tea or coffee.

Roberta Grace Cook has run RG Cook’s Happiness shop for as long as anyone can remember. I’m always intrigued by the by-line beneath the sign, “ It’s true it can be bought.”

She does a roaring trade, especially of a Sunday during the tourist season and in autumn when people seemed to get titchy with each other.

She also runs a writing course and is particularly interested in memoir writing.

Manus Kestralgurk had come from a very challenging childhood. It had taken him fifty years to begin writing his tale.

He signed up for RG’s course on memoir writing and soon found himself writing his story. Each chapter of abuse and torment haunted him until he showed it to RG who would look over it and talk to him about the content and the people involved.

RG had this calming and understanding manner. Where each week Manus would worry about his latest revelations, RG in her own unique way would peruse his work and always comment positively.

Importantly though, Manus always went away feeling good within himself and empowered to write more. Over a five-year period he completed his memoir.

He and RG stood together and admired the published volume. She asked if she could stock it in her shop and Manus was so flattered that she asked.

In the first week there were fourteen sales and Manus could not have been happier.

RG’s shop down the street and around the corner from me has always been there. She sits there each day, eyeing each customer and weighing up the degree of happiness that are in need of.

I take her a coffee each morning and she loves a chat. I have never left her shop feeling anything but happy.

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8 Responses to Knock, Knock Writing Challenge~! Week # 6 – RG’s Happiness Shop

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  2. Lyn says:

    What a marvelous place that would be to visit. Nicely told, Michael – as always 🙂

  3. mandy says:

    Those unique little shops are a rare find. Funny how they often come with a store owner that is as memorable as the store–for whatever reason. Certainly for this guy Mans, the real gem was the owner, RG. Imagine coming from a place that Mans Kest–that last name is a mouthful–came from, and end up seeing your story written, bound, and 14 copies sold. That’s a tear-producing achievement for many an author! Great piece, Michael.

  4. Loretta says:

    What a lovely person RG is… proof that angels do exist!

  5. RoSy says:

    Sounds like a pleasant place to have around.

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