Music Prompt #11: “I’ll Fly Away”

‘When you gonna fly away?’

She asked him

Gathered as they were over the dinner table.

She’d eyed him with suspicion.

These past weeks

Always was he talking about going away.

‘Can’t stand another minute here,’ he’d said

‘The incessant nagging, the bitching

Before my life’s over

I’m gonna fly away.’

‘Where you gonna go,’ she drawled at him

‘’Who you gonna get wash your stinkin’ clothes

Cook your dinners and scrub ya back?’

‘Plenty women jump at a chance with a man like me.’

‘Yep,’ she said and thought a moment.

‘Plenty of stupid women out there.’

‘Well you is one of them,’ he muttered

His chin had drool from his soup

His beard speckled with crumbs from the stale bread.

‘You’ll soon find out you can do a while lot worse than me.’

‘I doubt that.’ He replied

So began the weekly argument

The bitching

The snitching

The saying this and that

The hollering

The screaming

Names flying left and right

The obscenity of their life

Laid bare in front of them.

Exhausted they went to their rooms

Fell into their beds

Wondered for a moment of days past

When they fell into each other’s arms

But now they were grotesque reminders of youth.

They shuddered at the thought of intimacy.

I’m flying way thought the man

Not today but tonight

Like every night

I’m flying away.

In a room at the end of the hallway

The woman who suffered his ignorance

Had already flown.

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16 Responses to Music Prompt #11: “I’ll Fly Away”

  1. Bastet says:

    Good for him … what a story!

  2. Lyn says:

    Why do people fall out of love? ~sigh~

  3. A familiar story brilliantly told. My favourite line is “The saying this and that”

  4. Emotion flowed so freely reeling me in until the end of the story. I loved the twist at the end, a very pleasant surprise 😀

  5. clothespeggedpat says:

    A very powerfully written story – you stayed so well in the “verse and tone” of the original prompt – the dialogue so real – the images of the two so vivid in my mind’s eye … and a very amazing ending.

    Sad story – but so very well delivered Michael – another gem 🙂

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