SoCS Oct 3/15 – Expect/Unexpected – Aunt Amanda


This week’s challenge: expect and/or unexpected.

We were waiting at the arrivals gate the air of expectation was building by the second.

How will we know her?

Is she tall?


Did she say what she’d be wearing?

What colour hair does she have?

The questions went on and on.

Yes she was arriving.

Yes were expecting her at any minute but I knew as much as anyone else. The email simply said arriving 10.20 am Qantas flight from New York.

So we stood there our necks craning over the throng of the expectant waiting to see who came through that might resemble my dad.

Aunt Amanda, dad’s sister who had gone to the States when she was eighteen and never returned, was coming home to attend dad’s funeral and we all decided to go to the airport to meet her.

Dad had maintained contact with her all these years and so it was easy to call her and speak to her when he passed away. Her voice was that strange combination of Australian accent and the twang of the words she pronounced from living in New York all these years.

She two years younger than dad and had broken her parents hearts when she left to marry Barry Nook a soldier she had met when he was stationed at the camp down the road from their home.

Barry had died a few years earlier and dad had been saddened that his health was not good enough to go to his funeral.

But Aunt Amanda was soon to come into our lives. She was the last of her line and we were it as far as an Aussie family went.

My son Benny held up a sign, ‘Welcome Aunt Amanda”.

I was getting fidgety, the kids impatient, my wife looking worried, as were we all, as it seemed to take an eternity before we saw her.

Before us stood a woman, the exact image of dad. The same shining blue eyes, that smile that dad had when he looked happy to see you.

She embraced us all, there were G’day’s all round, I gathered her luggage and we headed for the car.

We expected a woman who might be reserved with us from being so long away but in fact we found a woman so pleased to be among us that we couldn’t help but feel immediately warm towards her.

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28 Responses to SoCS Oct 3/15 – Expect/Unexpected – Aunt Amanda

  1. Suzanne says:

    You create so well. I feel like they are in the room with me as I read your stories. Thanks for this little glimpse into a possible reality.

  2. Lyn says:

    Suzanne summed it up quite succinctly. It’s true–your writing always puts us right there in the room 🙂

  3. mandy says:

    Wonderful story, Michael. It leaves a feeling like Dad’s not completely gone after all. His sister will be a refreshing addition to the family during their time of loss.

  4. J Lapis says:

    This really sparked some memories for me–guess they’ll show up in a future post. Aunt Amanda sounds wonderful, indeed–I like the way you tell these heart-warming family stories, Michael. Makes me feel like I’ve stepped into a group which would receive me warmly too.

  5. Oliana says:

    What a touching story, Michael! Aunt Amanda who carries on, what a blessing in their loss, they get another chance.

  6. This brought a smile to my face. Of course she would fit in. made of the same cloth.

  7. RoSy says:

    A very touching story.
    I so feel this story. I feel my brother’s presence when I see his kids.

  8. LindaGHill says:

    You captured the feeling so well of family that one isn’t familiar with, so to speak. Well done, Michael. 🙂

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