Wordle #150 – ‘Slubber’ Overkill.


This week’s words: Find Out 100 Yards  Slubber (to perform hastily or carelessly)  Rarefied  Slip  North  Buy  Shoes  Kill  Saturday  Brag  Rule

It was only a matter of time before the world found out about Paul ‘Slubber’ Overkill. ‘Slubber’ was a win at all costs sort of guy. The result was some very careless attempts at world records or should I say dodgy attempts.

He liked to brag about his exploits, like the day he ran a record time for the 100 Yards even though it was all downhill with a breeze behind him he still claimed a record.

“Slubber’ lived in the rarefied atmosphere of pretending to believe anything that made him look good in his own eyes. Some people said he could have been President with an attitude like that. But unfortunately, he was just too smart.

One Saturday morning he slipped into his car and headed North to buy new shoes, not just any shoes but shoes that would not only make him look good but would also allow him to break every rule of competition.

‘Slubber’ wasn’t one to be encumbered by rules. He bragged about his propensity to get around regulation. The shoes he purchased were silver crossed with dynamic rubber soles ensuring an improved performance.

He wore them the next day and finished last in a race he thought he would have won if the shoes had not melted in the hot sun and stuck to the running track. Later it was pointed out he needed to read the fine print on his new shoes as it revealed the shoes were not suitable for days of high heat.

‘Slubber’ Overkill was never deterred and lined up for the next race, as determined as ever to show his skills.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2019/09/16/wordle-150/

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9 Responses to Wordle #150 – ‘Slubber’ Overkill.

  1. What a charming guy lol Love the name!

  2. What Slubber needed was a pair of seven-league boots. Great for running marathons. Rupert Bear had a pair and he fairly flew across the meadows …

  3. Love the melting shoes sticking him to the track Michael! Very inspired!!!

  4. rugby843 says:

    I love the line about becoming president…have anyone particular in mind?😄

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