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Wordle #150 – ‘Slubber’ Overkill.

This week’s words: Find Out 100 Yards  Slubber (to perform hastily or carelessly)  Rarefied  Slip  North  Buy  Shoes  Kill  Saturday  Brag  Rule It was only a matter of time before the world found out about Paul ‘Slubber’ Overkill. ‘Slubber’ was … Continue reading

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Wordle # 41 – December 29, 2014 – The Fizz

This weeks words: Conceit Android Illeist (A person who refers to themselves in the 3rdperson) Fizzle Zinc Mischief Brick Strangle Intersection Ghetto Ridicule Draftsack (a bag of garbage, figuratively a big belly) You could never say that the man we … Continue reading

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