Photo Challenge #281 – Max


Image: Google Images

Max was happiest when surrounded by company.

It was evident when you arrived home

He would excitedly race around the house,

Up and down the stairs

Stopping momentarily to sniff your leg,

Happy there was no other dog scent on you,

He’d continue his demonstration of pleasure.

Once his routine was complete, he would retire to his favourite lounge

Curl into a ball and sleep away his effort to impress you.

His sleep only interrupted by the smell of cooking

Then he would venture into the kitchen

Standing in expectation of something coming his way.

In the winter he’d make a bee line for the heater

Park himself in front

Settle down to soaking up the warmth

Making sure we were always close by.


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7 Responses to Photo Challenge #281 – Max

  1. That sounds like a pleasant reminisce. I can smell the rising warmth of his fur as he lolls in front of that heater.

  2. Lovely. All of my dogs did this, though Barney never ventured upstairs, and even if he had, we know we confused him when we moved into a bungalow as he always slept at the bottom of them!

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