Wordle #130 – Max Justice


Today’s words: Courtroom Twisted Plaintiff Accusation Justice Contempt Trial Defence Involve Perjury Alibi Testify

Max Justice sat in the back of the courtroom taking in the case before him.

He liked attending court and watching the proceedings curious as to how justice was metered out to the guilty.

To Max each case seemed to follow a pattern, that was apart from the mumbo jumbo the respective lawyers. The plaintiff would present their case, often lying through their teeth and Max was amazed how often committing perjury seemed like a non-issue to so many. Then the defendant would state their defence, which invariably amounted to their version of the truth, which seemed so much at odds with anything the plaintiff said.

Today was the trial involving Harry Upton. Harry was accused of killing his wife by filling her mouth with cheap burnt sausages and then throwing her in the river.

“She deserved it,” Harry stated when asked why he killed his wife, “It was the sausages, your Honour, she burnt them one time too many. I had to make my point that I was not happy with how she cooked them. When I mentioned the river, she dared me. That’s when it all went haywire.”

Harry had one of those faces, twisted by fate, and a brain addled with so much untruth in his life his ability to discern truth and reality must have been a constant source of blurriness to him.

Once the accusation had been levelled at him it just a matter of time. He pleaded guilty, accepted the accusation made against him but when he went further and tried to twist the Judge’s judgement he was charged with contempt, a word I’m sure Harry didn’t know the meaning of.

As Harry had no alibi, the case was concluded, and Harry sent up the river for a long stretch that would see him an old man if he ever got out.

I felt justice had been served and moved on the courthouse café where the pies were something to die for, and many often did.

I harboured a desire to one day be involved in a case where I would be required to testify. It was a hope that I might sit on the witness stand and say my piece. It was what I dreamed of as I sat in the café, munching on what the café called the Courtroom Special.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2019/04/22/wordle-130/

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