Writing Prompt #16 – Spring


This is how I plan for Spring…

But I realise I have missed it.

It’s the problem we at the bottom of the world face with regards to the seasons.

We are always too late or too early. Though having spring some six months away does give me time to prepare some sort of attack on that season when the blossoms come out and the days get warmer as a prelude to the stinking heat the summer will bring us.

After a hot summer, in my part of the world, we look forward to the autumn and winter. The days cool down, occasionally there will be a day or two where the locals will whinge about the cold but for the most part our weather during autumn and winter is very pleasant, and at night it does cool down so that our blankets and doonas do feel they have some purpose in life other than decorating our beds.

My mother had this fixation on ‘spring cleaning’. It always seemed like the cleaning we did every day, but no mum would clean the Venetian blinds, behind the fridge, the curtains would come down, and all get a thorough clean, and we’d be counting the hours until she’d had enough and we could all go out to play.

At the end, she would proudly announce that all our efforts had resulted in our house looking spick and span and smelt okay as well.

Yeah great, we all thought as we headed out to play. Cleaning was another year away, and we had longer days now the spring had arrived, and that meant more play time.

Nowadays the spring is what happens at the end of the winter and as I said before the trees bud and look beautiful, the days warm up, and I think about the cleaning that should be done and then think some more.


Written for: https://sarahelizabethmoore.org/2019/04/21/writing-prompt-16/

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2 Responses to Writing Prompt #16 – Spring

  1. Sadje says:

    Spring cleaning is on top of the agenda for ladies, specially moms. A good post.

  2. rugby843 says:

    That’s the way I too, think of spring cleaning. To think of washing down walls, etc, omg!

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