Photo Challenge #260 – Ruffles


Image: Google Images

The name’s Ruffles,

That’s me with a few of me mates.

There’s Barney, Lockjaw, Rover, River and Tide

To name but a few.

Tide’s such a character, more often out than in.

I’m the loveliest of dogs,

Excellent manners, loyal and forever happy

But I’m also the ugliest dog alive.

It’s why I’m here

I get taken in, fed well,

Behave perfectly, but owners don’t like the comments

They say it’s embarrassing to hear people refer to me

In the most derogatory of ways.

So end up back in the pound

At least I have mates here

Though they come and go

It’s the fate of so many.

There’s nothing so welcoming as the sniff of your butt

By all those around you

That feeling of acceptance,

You just can’t replace.

I’m lucky I guess

There’s food on my plate

And companionship all round.

We are all the same in here

We think we should be attracted to some

But we can’t figure out why.


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9 Responses to Photo Challenge #260 – Ruffles

  1. Violet Lentz says:

    Not an ugly dog in the lot. Sure you didn’t miss picture day?

  2. crimsonprose says:

    Acceptance, the sniff of your butt. Wonderful image. Yet that translates in human terms to … acceptance: when all your worst vices are known.

  3. Aw Michael. Pulled at the heartstrings.

  4. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but with dogs it is also in their sense of smell.

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