The Ministry of the Unique* Part 5


Master James O’Dowd had received a memo from the Ministry of the Unique to attend a meeting at 9.07am the following morning at their office in 37.5A Sourgrapes Lane.

It was signed by Alfred Hawers, Esquire, Minister of the Unique.

James had discovered that his unique gift was being able to see what others couldn’t. It explained a few things to him and left him pondering what the future might be.

UNIQUE MARY went on to explain to him that there were very few like him and they like him were somewhat perplexed when they discovered their uniqueness. Each of them had gone into a branch of the Ministry and according to UNIQUE MARY were quite happy in the work they were doing.

She decided that James should visit The Minister himself. Alfred Hawers was the man to see she told him as they turned down another corridor that stretched away into the distance. That phenomenon appeared common within the Ministry, and UNIQUE MARY pointed out that what James saw was what others didn’t. To the average person, the corridor was like so many, a few hundred metres before turning sharply one way or another.

The office of the Minister was a large and impressive place. It was meant to impress, as then any visitor would think the Minister was a man of importance and knowledge. James looked around the room, and his eyes settled on the startling features of the woman behind the desk with the word SECRETARY above her head.

The woman had mother-of-pearl skin not unlike the scales on an exotic goldfish. Her eyes flashed at him when he entered, and she lowered her gaze once she realised who and what he was.

UNIQUE MARY announced they were there to see Mr Hawers and they waited while the secretary punched numbers into her phone. A door opened, and a booming voice called them in. James couldn’t help but notice that as they entered the Minister’s office, the secretary must have relaxed a little as there was a whipping of a forked tongue from between her lips accompanied by a small but discernible smirk.

Inside the Minister’s office was impressive as the outside. At a small desk situated in the centre of the room sat a tall man at an equally impressive desk with the word MINISTER plastered across the front of it.

“James,” he boomed, extending his hand, “how pleasing to finally meet you.”

The minister had a very firm handshake and intimated to James to take a seat in front of his desk.

“Good to have you on board,” announced the Minister, “ we need people like you. As you’ve now realised your Uniqueness lies in what you can see that others can’t. But before you can be of any use to us, you have to learn your skill and accept it as part of you. We don’t want you to be afraid of it but rather see it for what it is. In time and with training you’ll begin to feel more comfortable with it. It will sit with you, and you’ll learn what it is to be your unique self. Now I’m going to start your training, and UNIQUE MARY will take you off to see UNIQUE HARRY, he will be your trainer. He’s a wonderful man, and the ideal person to be your trainer. So, for now, I’ll leave you in Mary’s capable hands and await news of your training. Exciting times ahead James.”

By now the Minister was standing and once again extending his hand to James who was as perplexed as ever and found himself shaking the Minister’s hand and exiting the office with UNIQUE MARY.

The secretary was again at her desk her forked tongue licking her lips as James passed by. UNIQUE MARY bid her good morning and beckoned James to follow her. A sign on the wall said: UNIQUE HARRY this way.


Part 4 can be found here:



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