Alice-Mary and the Rabbit – Part 2


Alice-Mary in the Rabbit Hole.

Alice-Mary landed with a thump at the bottom of the rabbit hole. She had followed the rabbit and had been sucked into the hole the rabbit disappeared down.

The journey down was painful as she’d brushed against tree roots and felt her arms were now scratched and her dress dirty.

Alice-Mary prided herself on her dress. Always she wore a dress and despite her mother’s protests wore a frilly petticoat under her dress. Now the dress was up over her head, and she realised she was in a rather undignified state.

She could stand up and rearrange herself and was pleased to find her arms were not scratched as she thought. There was a dim light enough to see what was around her, which wasn’t much, but the rabbit was sitting a few paces away cleaning its face.

The hole wasn’t all that big, there was enough space for her to stand and beyond the rabbit, a tunnel stretched away into the distance. Where the light came from she couldn’t tell, but she was grateful for it, as without it the hole would have been considerably scary.

There was a silence save for a hum which was beginning to irritate her ear drums and noticing her discomfort the rabbit said she would get used to the hum, as it had every much right to exist as she did.

It was such an odd proposition she thought. The hum seemed to be coming from down the tunnel, and within a few seconds, the rabbit bounded away. With little choice Alice-Mary followed the rabbit, the tunnel was winding, and the hum grew ever more distant.

Along the way, there were other tunnels disappearing into dark places and occasionally a sign pointing to a location that made little or no sense to her. One sign did intrigue her though, and that sign read: George Dingham, Keeper of the Hum, KEEP OUT. Her first thought was the hum seemed to be irritating and yet it had a keeper, how odd yet she surmised George Dingham must be equally irritating.

In fact, as she hurried along behind the rabbit every sign she had a second to read was as unfriendly as the next.

The rabbit stopped to tell her that they were passing through the Forest of Signs and not to be too put off by the nature of them as he was taking her to a place where she’d find folk much more friendly in a less irritating way.

By now Alice-Mary was feeling quite fatigued and asked the rabbit if they could stop so she could at least catch her breath. “No time,” announced the rabbit, “Time is of the essence, and the essence is time, get a wriggle on girl, we have a little way to go.”

Alice-Mary was left with little choice and struggled along behind the rabbit until at last, they reached a spot, which to Alice-Mary looked very much like every spot they had reached.

The rabbit sniffed the air, and then more light appeared, and in front of Alice-Mary, a whole new scene appeared. The scene took her breath away, ahead of her was a bustling village, and there were rabbits everywhere dressed in the oddest of ways. The first thing she noticed was they all had caps on which displayed, she assumed, their occupation. An old rabbit came by, nodded, and she noticed his cap said ‘Retired’. Behind him, another rabbit struggled along with his cap announcing he was ‘Hopeful’.

The more she noticed, the more bizarre it all seemed. There were: Brimmers’, ‘Cloggers’, ‘Lighters’, ‘Peelers’, among so many and every one of their titles filled her with intrigue.

By now she noticed her rabbit she had been following had a cap on as well, ‘Junker’ it said, and she was keen to discover what that meant. A young rabbit approached her carrying a cap and handed it to her.

“Junker’ intimated she had to put it on and in doing so everything stopped for her cap had on the front of it ‘Junk’.

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8 Responses to Alice-Mary and the Rabbit – Part 2

  1. crimsonprose says:

    So if her cap read Junk, would the young Junker cart her away?

  2. Lyn says:

    If I were Alice-Mary, I’d object to being called “Junk,” and slap the rabbit. Though, perhaps in their world, Junk is something special.

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