Wordle #213 – Winny’s Trial.


This week’s words: Trial wrestling regulate nuanced uninterrupted chiromancer* (a person who is supposedly able to predict a person’s future by interpreting the lines on the palms of their hands.) magical carrion effusive input impact dominant

Winny the magical wonder girl was on trial. It had all come to a head when her chiromancer abilities seemed to get out of hand, and her predictions led to some unfortunate results.

Winny had a thing for palms, preferable other people’s. For Winny there was nothing better than an uninterrupted session a client’s hand in her own, reading into the lines and discussing the impact the lines had on the owner’s life.

The trouble began when Herb Massive the local wrestling champion after a series of bad luck went to see Winny to see if she could input anything into his future which was looking like going down the gurgler.

Winny was a naturally effusive person and greeted Herb with her usual over the top enthusiasm. This was quickly defused when she looked at the dominant lines on his palm.

There followed a series of tut-tuts and then a long silence, during which she looked deeply into his palm until finally lifting it and smelling it.

She made some remark that Herb’s hand and palm had the smell of carrion about it and that’s when the trouble started. Herb took exception to his hand being spoken of in that manner and in what can only be described as a pointed if not nuanced reply during which there was a number of effusive gestures none of which Winny took as complimentary.

Winny knowing the moment in which Herb’s temper might be regulated took things upon herself and knocked Herb over the head with her heavy volume of the text, ‘Palm Readings Made Easy.’

Now the trial was taking place, Herb had recovered but wanted Winny, the magical wonder girl, rubbed out.

The trial came to a conclusion when Winny after demonstrating her chiromancer abilities to the judge, convinced him he was going to be the dominant candidate in the upcoming elections and so should get out there on the campaign trail.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2018/12/10/wordle-213/

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7 Responses to Wordle #213 – Winny’s Trial.

  1. Violet Lentz says:

    When in doubt, tell them what they want to hear!!! Good job..

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