Sadje’s Questions


In sympathy with Fandango, I have written my answers to Sadje’s searching questions.

How long have you been blogging?

Since 2012.

  1. Do your friends and family support you in this?

They think I have nothing to do so they feel more sorry for me than supportive.

  1. Which is your favourite time of the day?


  1. What would be your dream vacation?

Travelling the world in first-class comfort.

  1. What genre of movies you like best?

Movies that have stories that grab me and my attention, heroes against all the odds, unrealistic I know but I like them.

  1. What do you wake up to?

The morning, and I’m grateful to see it.

  1. Are you a morning person?


  1. What motivates you?

The thought of engaging my mind in some form of writing where I have an idea, and I get ‘excited’ about where it might go.

  1. How do you think your friends see you?

Quiet and philosophical. Oh and often the perfect designated driver.

  1. What would be your idea for saving the environment from pollution?

Governments allowing water to be developed as a non-polluting fuel.

  1. Happy or peaceful, what is more, important to you?

Happy is an elusive goal, and I think its best achieved by staying as peaceful as you can. After all non-peaceful approaches fail every time.

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8 Responses to Sadje’s Questions

  1. Sadje says:

    Thanks for the answering my questions. I am happy that you guys have taken them up.

  2. Like your answers too Michael.
    You are also a Proxy Sunshine Blogger Awardee as a lot of your posts brighten my day and I love your way of thinking sometimes.

  3. Great answers and straight to the point. I think #9 is the best answer. Everyone likes the designated driver.

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