Finish the Story – Oct #9


After the Long, Hard Winter

Winter had been hard. Harder than anyone in Goosedown had expected. It was six weeks into spring, and Emily never felt better. She was finally able to get out into her garden. The spring flowers had fully said hello and colour was everywhere, but the one thing she was most happy about was the Goosedown Spring Festival that was taking place today.

With one last check in the mirror, she adjusted her bright pink hat and set out for the park. While walking there, she met up with …

From morpethroad

Mary from the Dairy trudging along carrying two pails of fresh milk. The milk was for Miss Turnout’s café and scone emporium.

It was clear Mary was not happy as everyone in Goosedown knew of the animosity between the two women. Mary had been in love with the handsome Sir Michael, and it was Miss Turnout who spread vile and vicious rumours about Mary such that Sir Michael turned his back on Mary and went off and married the less than gorgeous Phillipa the Needle maiden.

Mary had long held the grudge against Mis Turnout and every now and then she would clear her throat and deposit the said clearance into one of the buckets. Emily being the sweet and innocent young lady she was and at that moment filled with the expectation of the coming spring and smiled serenely at Mary as she went by.

“There’d be nothing to smile about young Emily,” said the sour Mary as she passed and deposited another into the left bucket, “the rotten old cow destroyed my life, I’m gonna make her rue the day she spread rumours about me, no matter how true they might be. Sorry I should not have said that.”

Emily had no answer to Mary’s statement and was not a girl given easily to gossip so she…


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16 Responses to Finish the Story – Oct #9

  1. The Haunted Wordsmith says:

    Nothing more frightening than a woman scorned. Great addition!

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………… will get on it asap!

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  5. I suspect those “rumors” weren’t half vile enough!

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