Thursday photo prompt: Glimmer #writephoto


He disliked whinging as it was the one thing he hated to be around and right now all that was coming from his mouth was constant whining about how far it was to camp.

Why he had agreed to this day hike was now beyond him, he should have known his fitness was poor, but he’d allowed himself to be cajoled into going to save face and appear to be one of the group.

He knew his behaviour must be irritating on the others who trudged ahead of him never showing any indication that like him his feet hurt, his calves hurt and his pride was seriously damaged.

The hike was billed as easy, and it was anything but that according to him.

He dragged further and further behind as the evening approached and was assured the camp was just over the next hill but that claim seemed to be several hills ago in his estimation.

By now each step was hurting as never before. His shoes were rubbing against his heels, and he knew blisters were building by the minute. His second toe on his right foot screamed at him to rest as another formed there and in his mind was the humiliation of being the one who slowed everyone down.

The group waited for him on the top of the next rise, and as he arrived, they pointed to the glimmer of light in the distance. There was the camp, which came with a sense of relief but still seemed an awfully long way off.


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13 Responses to Thursday photo prompt: Glimmer #writephoto

  1. Sue Vincent says:

    Nothing worse than sore feet…

  2. Sore feet are a killer. I remember that in NZ, having walked miles and got blisters on blisters. I ended up wearing two pairs of socks and let them sort themselves out. Owwwch!!

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  5. notestowomen says:

    I can relate to the sore feet. Years ago when there was a black out here, many people had to walk to get to their destinations. We were like a mass exodus. By the time I got home, my feet were in a terrible state. Thankfully, the elevators were working. I couldn’t go to work the next day, though, because of my sore feet. Great story and take on the prompt, Sue 🙂

  6. willowdot21 says:

    I remember getting blisters from new flip flops so I walked barefoot for miles. Later found I had sans in the blister??? Had to burst blister and clean it out! OUCH! 💜

  7. Oh dear, not a nice position to be in, Michael.

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