Bonus Wordle “The Letter F” – Freda Fresh


This week’s words: Flutter Fault Flesh Fruitless Froth Foreshadow Fashionista Flight Attendant Forfeit Flibbertigibbet ((n.) a gossip) Femininity Floodgate

Freda Fresh has one great fault,

Apart from being drop dead gorgeous

She’s a flibbertigibbet, a flight attendant,

Forever telling stories about the faults of others.

If you ask her about her day, you are opening the floodgates

She spews forth all manner of froth and fortune

On the unfortunates, she has in her care.

She flutters her eyelids, exudes femininity

And any intervention is a fruitless exercise.

Freda considers herself a fashionista wearing the latest creations

From the exotic ports, she visits

Ever willing to flash some flesh you know when you see her

She will never forfeit her morals for the opportunity

To foreshadow an exhibition where you’ll be left in no doubt

She too has faults, but you can’t help admiring them.


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6 Responses to Bonus Wordle “The Letter F” – Freda Fresh

  1. Sadje says:

    Good post. Ingenious use of all the F words.

  2. I love the F alliterations even where there were no words from the wordle. Really clever and quite a vivid character 👍👍

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