Mr Marsden Part 8


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As Mr Marsden entered his kitchen behind Ayls, he saw surrounding her an aura that dazzled him.

Ayls emitted a light that was truly blinding, and he was aware that she was some special girl, most likely possessing powers he didn’t and most likely ignorant of what she did possess.

From his experience, the Novitiates were not a common group and only selected persons were bestowed with such magnificent power.

Mr Marsden sat Ayls down at the kitchen table and put the kettle on. This situation called for a strong cup of tea, and he had just the brew in waiting.

Reaching up to the top shelf of his pantry he took down the metal container containing his “Think Deep” tea and put a liberal amount into the teapot. Once the kettle boiled he filled the teapot and twisted it three times clockwise and then the same anti-clockwise.

The tea inside rumbled a few times, indicating its readiness. He poured two cups and sat one in front of Ayls who was curiously looking around his kitchen and in particular eyeing the metal containers lining his very top shelf.

“Here,” said Mr Marsden, “get you lips around some of this, it will calm us and give us time to have a good think about what to do next.”

Ayls took the steaming cup from him and ran a finger around the rim of the cup. It was then Mr Marsden knew he had his work cut out for him. The tea in Ayls’ cup trothed and bubbled, a yellow steam rose from it, and the cup itself turned an unfamiliar pink in Ayls’ hands. She put it down quickly hoping to avoid any chance of being burnt by the bubbling liquid and pushed herself back from the table.

“Mr Marsden?” asked Ayls, “What sort of tea is that?”

“It’s thinking tea Ayls, and its never behaved like that before.”

“I’m not too keen to drink it, Mr Marsden. I think I’ll watch it a bit first.”

As she did so, the tea settled in its cup returning to a more acceptable tea colour.

Then to Mr Marsden’s surprise, Ayls waved her hand over the cup and the liquid turned to ice. “I actually prefer iced tea Mr Marsden, it’s less likely to scald me.”

Her looking around must have had an effect on the kitchen as Mr Marsden soon noticed the crockery behaving unusually, the plates began to rattle, then jump slightly and then suddenly one flew across the room landing on the ironing board, another settling on the stove and the others were behaving in a decidedly uncrockery manner.

Then a glance at Ayls and she was swaying as if dancing and the kitchen was part of her dance.

“It’s such fun Mr Marsden, but it does drive mum crazy,” said a delighted Ayls as she began dancing around the kitchen floor, the plates, the cups, the sauces all doing their own thing in tune with some inaudible beat. Before long she had a conga line formed behind her much to Mr Marsden’s amazement. The line stretched around the kitchen with Mr Marsden’s wooden spoons bringing up the rear.

Then as Ayls appeared to have had enough she gave another wave of her hand and everything returned to its place and order was restored.

“Most impressive my dear,” said Mr Marsden getting his breath back which had been held for sometime while his kitchen flew around his aging head.

“Such fun,” announced Ayls as she sipped on her tea.

“I think we have a lot to learn from each other,” said Mr Marsden, his mind running with mixed thoughts as to what to do with Ayls.


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