JSW Prompt 10-1-2018 – Almost Lovable.


You arrived at a most inopportune time

Life for me was not good, fate was conspiring against me

The torment I felt must have shown on my face

I’m embarrassed by what transpired.


Something that must have appeared trivial to you

Was being blown out of scale and bigger than it should have been.

The upturned faces, the malice of words angrily uttered

Created a scenario from which I now cringe.


She was prone to moments of irrationality

Flying off the handle to manufacture a scene

From there the twist of reality to make it all my fault

Must have left you wondering what you were buying into.


My humiliation was demonstrated by my leaving the room

I refused to return, I wanted to be rid of that situation

Knowing you had witnessed it didn’t help

I wondered how I might overcome my shame.


I’m not like that, I want that known,

I’m no heartless self-centred bastard,

If you give me a chance you’ll see for yourself

Behind the tears and the indignity, you saw,


Lies a man, a good man almost loveable.



Written for: https://athling2001.wordpress.com/2018/10/01/jsw-prompt-10-1-2018/


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4 Responses to JSW Prompt 10-1-2018 – Almost Lovable.

  1. Powerful writing. It sounds as though it was painful to write. Nicely done!

  2. rugby843 says:

    So, Michael, which is it?

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